How to Exchange Add HP with Samsung Galaxy S23 Series at Blibli


The Samsung Galaxy S23 Series is available in the Indonesian market, and Blibli offers an attractive offer for those who want this smartphone, namely buying it through the trade-in feature.

It is said that all models of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G are available across networks omnichannel Blibli, both the website, application and offline store.

Specifically for online purchases, users can sell their old smartphone and then add a small fee to own Samsung’s newest 5G cellphone through the Trade-In feature.

With Exchange Add, users can exchange old smartphones with a fast process and reliable delivery of goods. This feature is also complemented by the 2 Hours Until feature, so that goods can be sent quickly with safe delivery and couriers in-house Trusted.

Blibli has completed Add Exchange with bliProteksi service. Protecting service smartphone and other electronic devices from various types of damage and unexpected events.

Protection from bliProteksi for the latest Samsung HP is valid for 12 months after the item arrives with repair compensation of up to 100% of the item price or unit replacement.

“With the convenience offered, this Trade-In feature is a solution from Blibli in presenting a better retail experience and a sustainable business for customers,” said Executive VP Trade Partnership Gadget & Electronics Blibli Wisnu Iskandar.


How to Exchange the Galaxy S23 Series at Blibli

Exchange Add at Blibli applies to the exchange of all smartphone brands. The process is also fast, because apart from being able to do it offline, it can also be done through the Blibli application.

  • Open the Blibli application on your smartphone, and select the variant of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G that you want to buy. If so, click the Exchange Add feature in the application.
  • Enter your address, and make sure the shipping address is included in the Blibli Add Exchange service range.
  • Fill in data related to smartphone specifications, and later Blibli will automatically check the condition of your cellphone and will announce the selling price of your cellphone.
  • Make the remaining payment and the Blibli courier will go to your address to exchange your old cellphone for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G.


How to Change Add Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G

How easy enough right? For those who are interested, please try this tutorial to get your dream Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G. [NM/HBS]

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