Don’t worry, Waze will show you where to charge electric cars


The Waze app has a new feature that can direct users to the location of electric vehicle charging stations. This new feature can help users who have trouble finding the location of a car or electric motorcycle charging station

For electric vehicle users, a charging station is a very crucial place to recharge electric vehicles so they don’t crash on the way.

Now with the latest feature from Waze, electric vehicle users no longer need to worry about finding a charging station for their vehicle.


According to a report from Endgadget, Google has been offering Waze users the ability to search and find charging stations, when users are on the go since late 2021.

However, this update is a minor change, but it helps in a significant way. Users only need to share their car model and charging connector with Google, then Waze will guide them to compatible electric vehicle charging locations based on the information provided.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Directioner Waze

Thanks to this new feature in Waze, users no longer need to watch their electric vehicle battery drop drastically and worry when they come to a charging station whose port doesn’t match, because the app already directs them to a charging station that fits their vehicle.

Currently, sales of electric vehicles are growing in proportion to their production worldwide. According to a report from the International Energy Agency, only 120,000 electric vehicles were sold in 2012. However, currently in one week the number of electric vehicles sold in a week is 120,000.


Last September, US President Joe Biden targeted that 50 percent of cars sold across the United States by 2030 would be electric. In line with this shift, American companies are spending more than USD 700 million or around IDR 10.75 trillion for charging electric vehicles in 2022.

This new Waze feature will roll out globally over the next few weeks. The Local Map Editor within the Waze community will continue to review and make necessary changes to the charging station information in real time. [FY/HBS]

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