This Android cellphone can guarantee OS updates for up to 7 years


The Android HP from the Fairphone brand is reported to have received the Android OS update as promised for quite a long time, namely for 7 years.

Android is used by many cellphone manufacturers. Operating system is open source It is regularly updated with new features, improvements and security patches.

Mobile phone vendors ensure that their devices are compatible with the latest Android versions. Each manufacturer provides OS updates at different levels. Usually OS update guarantee and security patch the longest is given 3 to 5 years.


However, it is slightly different from the Fairphone that provides update Android OS with longer time. Fairphone, which focuses on making environmentally friendly smartphones, initially committed to providing update support for 2 to 5 years.

But today, the Fairphone 2 phone gets its final update as end of support from the company after seven years, which is unprecedented.

Fairphone 2 was launched in 2015 with the Android 15 Lollipop operating system. Then the device continues to get OS updates and security patcheswhich keeps it secure and compatible with many new apps in the Google Play Store.

Although, this phone uses Android 10 which is still far away from the stable version of Android 13, but the device is still relevant, thanks to Fairphone’s dedication to long-term software support.


Fairphone has advised its users to be extra careful until May 2023, which is the end of the company’s official support timeline.

Fairphone Head of Software Agnes Crepet stated that the Fairphone 2’s end of life was due to industry and financial constraints, although the company plans to support the device indefinitely.

In addition, he also revealed that he was happy to provide Android Fairphone OS updates for 7 years, which had never happened before.

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