XL Axiata Strategy for Ramadan and Eid 2023



PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) has revealed its strategy for facing Ramadan and Eid 2023. One of them is by strengthening the network to provide maximum service to customers.

Strengthening XL Axiata’s telecommunication network was carried out in anticipation of the possibility of a spike in data usage traffic during Ramadan and the 2023 Eid holiday. XL Axiata has also conducted network tests that take place on the main route home to villages in various regions, including in the Sumatra region.

“XL Axiata has prepared a network to serve and maintain customer convenience for the needs of Ramadan, as well as the long Eid holiday,” said Director & Chief Technology Officer of XL Axiata, I Gede Darmayusa.

Through an official statement received on Tuesday (14/03/2023), this action was taken because at these two moments, there will be a significant increase in traffic, especially during the Eid 2023 homecoming moment.


“Usually in these two moments the traffic using telecommunication and data services increases quite significantly. We predict that during Ramadan until Eid, XL Axiata service traffic will increase by up to 30% compared to normal days,” continued I Gede.

This increase in traffic every Ramadan and Eid can occur because it is inseparable from changes in customer behavior. This is because Indonesian people are also increasingly holding face-to-face meetings online. Therefore XL Axiata has strengthened the network up to 3 times.

“Currently, on normal days, XL Axiata’s data network is sufficient to serve existing traffic. However, to ensure our network’s ability to accommodate future traffic spikes, we will continue to increase our capacity up to 3 times the normal day,” added Gede.

Not only increasing capacity, XL Axiata’s other strategy is network optimization on the Lebaran homecoming route. A number of areas which are usually homecoming destinations, particularly in Java and Sumatra, will be of particular concern to the company.

Especially in Sumatra, XL Axiata has around 140 4G BTS along the Palembang – Lampung Trans Sumatra Toll Road. However, XL will add BTS to a number of other Trans Sumatra Toll Road sections.


For example 7 4G BTS on the Belawan – Medan – Kuala Namu International Airport – Tebing – Indrapura section, 3 4G BTS on the Bengkulu – Taba Penanjung section, 8 4G BTS on Pancing (Medan) – Helvetia – Binjai – Stabat, 17 4G BTS in Pekanbaru – Dumai, and 2 BTS 4G on the Sigli – Banda Aceh section.

Not to forget, XL Axiata will also present various Ramadan and Eid promos, for prepaid and postpaid customers. [NM/HBS]

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