New PS5 DualSense Edge controller revealed, here are the details


Controller New PS5 DualSense Edge announced. At Gamescom Opening Night Live, Sony unveiled a new premium controller for the PlayStation 5.

Controller The new PS5 at first glance looks like the regular DualSense PS5, but comes with extra perks to raise the bar. The device is wireless or cordless.

The new DualSense Edge wireless controller is “customizable”, allowing you to swap caps thumbstick and set control mappings to your taste.

DualSense Edge is Sony’s answer to the Xbox’s Elite line of controllers. Currently, there is no launch time information for the DualSense Edge wireless controller.


In blog posts, such as The telephone quote from Gadgets360Wednesday (24/8/2022), Sony listed all the new features that come with the DualSense Edge wireless controller.

This will be the first time Sony has taken the customizable controller loophole as previously players had to rely on third-party companies.

Controller The new PS5 has a variety of hardware and software options to create a great gaming experience game-game personalized draw.

DualSense Edge ultra-customized controls

The new DualSense Edge controller lets you remap or disable certain key inputs that get in the way of fun playing game.

Analog stick sensitivity and dead zone are also adjustable. Lower travel distance equals faster in-game input first-person shooter competitive.

As an added advantage, the DualSense Edge controller comes with two sets of swappable back buttons, which can be configured to be inputs for another button.


Previous reports have indicated the move is from Sony even though it doesn’t have an official name so people are calling it “DualSense Pro”.

The DualSense Edge controller retains all the qualities of the standard version. PlayStation notes that the stick modules can also be replaced, but additional units will be sold separately. [SN/HBS]

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