Prevent Spam, WhatsApp Creates a Mute Feature for Unknown Calls


WhatsApp is working on a feature that users seem to really need. WhatsApp feature that can mute phone calls from unknown numbers.

quoted The telephone from WABetaInfo on Monday (06/03/2023), this feature is currently in the testing phase on the latest version of WhatsApp beta Android. It says that unknown numbers will still appear in the call list even if they are muted.

“We found that WhatsApp is developing a new feature that allows users to silence calls from unknown numbers while still showing them in the call list and notification center, for future app updates,” wrote WABetaInfo.

Sites that often share information about leaks of this WhatsApp feature also say that the mute feature for unknown WhatsApp calls is quite easy. In the shared screenshot, users can simply swipe the Silence Unknown Callers icon from left to right.

“This feature will be placed in the application settings and, once activated, calls from unknown numbers are always silenced, but will still be displayed in the call list and notification center,” continued WABetaInfo.


Mute Feature Mutes Unknown WhatsApp Calls

It is not yet known when the unknown WhatsApp call mute feature will be launched. Even so, the feature of muting calls to unknown numbers on WhatsApp is considered very useful for users to avoid spam calls.

“This feature has several advantages, such as reducing interruptions and potentially avoiding spam calls,” he explains.

WhatsApp Creates a Newsletter Feature

WhatsApp features

Previously, WhatsApp was secretly working on a “Newsletter” feature or a private bulletin. One-way communication feature, which is not supported by end-to-end encryption technology.

The WABetaInfo report says that WhatsApp is rolling out a new update version through the Google Play Beta Program. Through this program, WhatsApp is testing the Newsletter or Personal Bulletin feature.


It is said that the Newsletter is a one-way communication tool, which can be used to broadcast information to many users. Features that are considered suitable for use by officials, public figures or other public figures. Unfortunately this Newsletter feature is not supported by technology end-to-end encryption. [NM/HBS]

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