Telegram Launches 9 New Features, There’s a Battery Saving Feature!


Early March 2023 Telegram brings various new features to users. There are several features and updates launched by Telegram, one of which is a feature that can save battery power.

Telegram does routinely present various new features to pamper users. Many of the features introduced are interesting innovations and don’t exist in similar social media applications.

One of them is the Power Saving Mode feature, or a power saving mode that makes the battery last longer. In addition, there are several other features that are certainly very useful for users.

“This update brings a new power-saving mode, optimizes Telegram for low-end Android devices, adds more playback speed options, and much more,” wrote Telegram.


9 New Features in Telegram

In total there are 11 new features that Telegram released earlier this month. For more details, please see the full review below.

1. Power Saving Mode

Power Saving Mode Telegram

As the name implies, Telegram’s latest feature allows smartphone batteries to last longer. Later when the feature is active, light animations and effects in Telegram will be deactivated to extend battery life and improve performance on old devices.

Power Saving Mode can be set to turn on automatically when your battery reaches a certain percentage.

Especially for iOS users, they can use power saving settings to limit background updates. You can enable Telegram’s battery saving feature by going to Arrangement > Save Power.

2. Change Video Playback Speed

Over the years, Telegram users have been able to change the playback speed of videos, podcasts, voice messages and videos. Now users can have more flexibility by holding the button 2x to select any speed between 0,2x–2,5x.

To change the video playback speed, tap the three dots then click Playback Speed set the video playback speed as you wish.

3. Read Chat Marks in Chat Groups

To facilitate collaboration in small teams, read receipts will appear even if there are under 100 members in the group chat.

Telegram Group Punctuation

4. Auto Send Invitation Link

So far Telegram users can control who is allowed to add them to groups. However, with the automatic send feature, if you want to send a group invite to such a user, an invitation link will be sent via chat.

The invite link displays a preview in the chat so that the user who received the invite can get a glimpse of the group.

5. Disable Dynamic Packages feature

In previous updates, recently used sticker packs will automatically be moved to the top of the panel, for easy access. But now you can arrange so that the sticker doesn’t move to the top of the panel.

If you want your pack to stay in place, you can tap the gear icon in the sticker panel and choose to deactivate Dynamic Package Order.

6. Translated Bot Descriptions

Bot developers can now fully localize their bot by translating the bot description and information around What can this bot do?

Telegram offers several language options, so potential bot users can better understand the bot before using it.

7. Improved Folder Support on iOS

iOS users can mark all chats in a folder as read with a single tap. When forwarding messages, folders can be used to quickly find the right chat. This improvement is also coming to Telegram Android in one of the subsequent updates.


8. Latest Animated Emoji

Telegram also presents a variety of new emoji in the March 2023 update. There are a total of 10 emoji packs aimed at Premium users.

9. New Emojis and Interactive Reactions

This WhatsApp competitor application also provides interactive reactions to 6 emojis such as a male or female emoji raising their hands, a smiling emoji with sunglasses, an angry emoji and a purple octopus-like animal emoji.

Telegram's Latest Features

An interactive reaction will appear if the sender or recipient of the message taps the emoji in the chat column.

Various battery saving features and other features are available in the latest version of Telegram. Therefore, please check the Telegram application on your smartphone, whether your application has been installed update or not yet. [NM/HBS]

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