Fortnitemares 2022 Held October 18, Epic: It Will Be More Horrible!


Fortnitemares 2022 will be coming on October 18th. Epic has officially confirmed the presence of the agenda.

The announcement of Fortnitemares 2022 was made by Epic via a video with a wolf background. The video was uploaded by Epic on its Twitter account.

Fortnite with Fortnitemares being Epic’s annual Halloween celebration, which adds skin and Halloween themed challenges into game.


Fortnitemares get some skin iconic ones, including Curdle Scream Leader, Peely Bone, and Mincemeat who performed absolutely horribly.

Fortnite fans have been waiting a long time to find out what will be at this year’s event. Now, Epic has officially confirmed it.

Fortnite tweeted a short video flashing between several different shots of what appears to be a crystallized wolf resembling Drift.

“It’s been a season of screams, nightmares and all sorts of horrible things. Fortnitemares returns October 18th,” Epic announced on Twitter.

Like The telephone quote from The GamerSunday (2/10/2022), two fan-made concepts will be part of this year’s Fortnitemares event.

The two fan-made concepts are Glare and Sorrow. However, who else will join them, so far is unknown.

It is possible that, in the next few weeks, Epic will make a follow-up announcement after officially confirming the event and date.

In addition to the spooky costumes, the previous Fortnitemares also featured several crossover. One of them has back bling Ghostbusters.

There are also outfits for characters from The Walking Dead. But, it remains to be seen if such a thing will come up during this year’s Fortnitemares event.


For your information, Fortnitemares is an annual event organized by Fortnite. This year, Fortnitemares will take place October 18, 2022. [SN/HBS]

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