Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Will Be Absent This Year, Why?



┬áSamsung reportedly doesn’t plan to launch the Galaxy S23 FE, because it wants to focus on the 3rd Galaxy S23 Series, which was just launched in early February.

Following Samsung’s track record, the South Korean technology giant usually launches the Galaxy S23 FE, which follows from the main S23 series. In fact, some time ago various leaks said that this latest Samsung cellphone would be launched in August.

Reported by Telset from Gizmochina, Samsung may skip the FE launch for the S23 later this year, which means the Galaxy S23 FE will most likely not be launched. What’s more, little is known about the device.


However, it is still unclear whether the Galaxy S23 FE will not be launched this year, canceled or delayed. On the other hand, it is unlikely that this smartphone will be launched next year.

As is known, at the beginning of next year the successor to the Galaxy S23 Series will be launched, it can be assumed that the device will not be launched this year.

The Fan Edition or FE is the flagship Galaxy S-Series that is meant to be a flagship killer smartphone, and the company is likely to launch a similar budget smartphone.


However, the problem is that the previous year’s Samsung flagship series was available at a discount, and then there was the Galaxy A-series in the mid-range which gave competition to the FE series.

It can be concluded that the Galaxy S23 FE will not be launched, and this is also supported by Samsung not launching the S22 FE in the last year. Based on these developments, it seems that Samsung is done with the Fan Edition offering. [FY/HBS]

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