Galaxy S23 Ultra Users Report S-Pen “crazy” problem


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra users are reported to be having problems with the S-Pen feature on the device. This problem is not the first to be reported by the latest Samsung cellphone users, because there were also other reports before.

Previously, some Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra users also experienced problems, such as difficulty connecting the device to Android Auto, Wi-Fi problems and also screen bubble problems.

In addition, the latest One UI 5.1 update on some older Galaxy devices is also experiencing battery drain issues.

Now some Galaxy S23 Ultra users are reporting problems with the S-Pen feature in the highest model of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.


As you know, the S-Pen stylus is available in the purchase package for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which can be used to draw, write, and manage the device with greater precision and ease of control.

In addition, the S-Pen can also help users when they need an accurate touch compared to fingers.

But according to reports GizmoChina quoted The telephonesome users have been complaining that the S-Pen is having rendering issues stylus smart it sometimes disconnects from smartphone and can not function.

Several other Galaxy S23 Ultra users suggest fixing it by resetting the S-Pen. To reset must open the menu Advanced Features on the menu Arrangement to open the S-Pen options, then press the three-dot button to reset it.

Option Keep S-Pen Connectedwhich is default disabled to save the battery life of the device whenever the S-Pen has been inactive for a long time. This option is another potential solution to this problem.

To activate Keep S-Pen Connected the user must open Settings then go to the Advanced Features menu, select S-Pen, and press Additional S-Pen settings.


There is currently no official statement for the issue and no acknowledgment of this issue yet. It is hoped that Samsung will soon address this issue and provide patch as soon as possible.

Most users probably won’t experience this problem, but those who rely on using the S-Pen might find it difficult. It is also possible that a future update will address this issue. [FY/HBS]

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