How to Make the Galaxy S23 Series 5G Look Different from One UI 5.1


The Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G has a variety of new personalization features through One UI 5.1 that you can use to make this smartphone even more comfortable and easy to use.

One UI 5.1 is the latest Android 13-based interface system made by Samsung which was launched simultaneously with the Galaxy S23 Series on February 1.

One of the latest innovations presented by Samsung in One UI 5.1 is to provide the ability for users to have more and more flexible control over their cellphones so that their use becomes easier.

This personalization feature also allows users to change the display aspect of the device to be more in accordance with the wishes of each user.

So, this time Telset will provide tips for those of you who use the Galaxy S23 Series 5G, how to make your sophisticated smartphone more personal with the personalization features of One UI 5.1:


Faster Application Access

Smart Suggestion is a feature that can make it easier for Galaxy S23 Series users to access more quickly various applications that are often opened through the wallpaper without the need to access the application list menu.

This feature makes it easier to use based on the habitual patterns of users in operating their smartphones by recommending applications along with various actions that they usually do.

Not only does it make it easier to open frequently accessed applications, this feature also learns how to type via the Samsung Keyboard, serves as a reminder via Reminders based on daily activities, Calendar will also remind you of various events and activities that are usually done to the habit of sending messages in the Messages application.

In addition, if you like listening to music through Spotif, which is now available in widgets, Smart Suggestion will recommend your favorite songs when you play songs directly on the home screen.

Plan Activities with Modes and Routines

Mode and Routines is a feature that can be used to adjust the activities of the Galaxy S23 Series users, for example when sleeping the user can activate Sleep mode or sleep, the function is the same as the Do Not Disturb feature on a Samsung smartphone.

Basically this mode can be set to various other user activities, starting from working, driving, sleeping, exercising, to resting. However, don’t just stick to these 5 choices, because users can also create new modes according to user activities.

This mode can also be activated automatically based on a certain time, a certain location, and even when the user’s smartphone is connected to a device via Bluetooth connectivity, such as when in a car.

When the user activates one of these modes, the user can adjust the volume configuration, notification sound and vibration, until the message arrives. Modes can be utilized by the user so that the smartphone can be used by adjusting the user’s activities.

Routines can be used by the user to set configurations when the user opens a particular application. For example, a user opens a video streaming application such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ or other similar streaming application, the application can adjust the screen rotation, up to the connection used,

Apart from that, routines can also be used when the user is charging, the cellphone automatically activates the Always On Display. Users can adjust application configurations according to their habits through this Routines feature.

Healthy with Walking Monitor

Not only cool, the Galaxy S23 Series 5G can also be used to monitor health. Yup, you will get a new feature in One UI 5.1 as a walking monitor.

This feature will show you how far you have walked while using your phone. You can access this feature by following these steps:

  • Open the menu Arrangement / Settings
  • Scroll down and click menu Digital Wellbeing
  • Here, you will find the Walking Monitor feature.

Features Eye Protection, More Comfortable and Healthy

Looking at the cellphone screen for too long can make the eyes uncomfortable and unhealthy. But now you Galaxy S23 Series users don’t need to worry, because now the eye protection feature has received a new option to increase user comfort.

This option will give you an extra dim color, so you can easily read anything on your phone over a long period of time. To use this feature, follow the steps below:

  • Enter the menu Arrangement/ Settings
  • Tap on Appearance/ Display
  • Now enter the Eye comfort protection/ Eye comfort shield
  • Then enable
  • Below you can find Enhanced comfort, a tab to enable, and adjust the color tone and contrast of the display for a better viewing experience.

Create Story Directly in Photo Gallery

One of the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G already running One UI 5.1 is the Gallery with a new look for Stories and GIF editing. You can share the most epic sides of your photos and videos via quick Stories or animated GIFs.

Stories that are automatically created in Gallery have been updated with more interactive slideshows, so you can simply tap or swipe to switch between photos and videos in those Stories. GIF editing is also easier, you can now cut and change animated GIFs with customized sizes or shapes.

Not only that, the Samsung S23 Series 5G also presents personalized AI Curation which can curate photos and videos taken at the same location or day, and organize them into reels or Tiktok content that is ready to be shared to display the excitement on special days.

Look Different with Color Palette

Through the Color Palette feature in One UI 5.1, users can use it to set the appearance of the device’s theme color to be the same color as the wallpaper or lock screen.

This Color Palette feature is available in 16 color choices that can be chosen according to the user’s wishes. However, if this color choice does not match the wallpaper, the user is also given a choice of the same color tone as the wallpaper used.

The color that has been selected by the user will also make the display color of notifications, settings, and default applications from One UI 5.1 change according to the Color Palette. In fact, there is an option to change the icon color of the application according to the selected color

Thanks to this feature, the Galaxy S23 Series has an interface system display that has a color that matches the wallpaper and can also be personalized according to the user’s wishes.

So, those were some personalization features from One UI 5.1 that you can use on the Galaxy S23 Series, so that your cellphone becomes more personal. These features can also be used by other Samsung Galaxy smartphone users that already support One UI 5.1

Now you can get the Galaxy S23 Series 5G in online stores and retail outlets. Don’t miss the various special offers by visiting the upcoming consumer launch at Pondok Indah Mall II, Jakarta on March 8-12, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta on March 15-19, and Sun Plaza, Medan on March 29 – April 2.

During the consumer launch, consumers can enjoy exclusive offers worth a total of up to IDR 4,100,000 for every purchase of the Galaxy S23 Series 5G. This advantage consists of cashback of up to Rp. 2,000,000 for trade-in and purchase with purchase purchases (with accessories and wearable Galaxy), cashback from bank partners of up to Rp. 750,000. In addition to getting a Samsung Care + smartphone protection facility for 6 months worth 899,000 and a free casing worth 499,000.

Consumers can have the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G at a price of IDR 19,999,000 (12GB/256GB), IDR 21,999,000 (12GB/512GB), and IDR 25,999,000 (12GB/1TB). The Galaxy S23+ 5G comes at IDR 15,999,000 (8GB/256GB) and IDR 17,999,000 (8GB/512GB). The Galaxy S23 5G is available at IDR 12,999,000 (8GB/128GB) and IDR 13,999,000 (8GB/256GB). More information about the Galaxy S23 Series 5G can be seen at

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