Overwatch 2 Reveals New Ninja Character Named Kiriko



Overwatch 2 has revealed the newest addition to the hero roster, Kiriko. The new character is revealed in cyberspace.

Overwatch 2 presents the character Kiriko as a support/healing ninja and has bonds with existing heroes, namely Genji and Hanzo.

Reported Gadgets360Blizzard Entertainment released trailer gameplayhighlighting the kit and its ultimate ability, which summons a spirit fox named Kitsune.

As Telset quoted on Thursday (15/9/2022), Overwatch 2 will be released on October 4, 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox S/X, Xbox One, and PC.


Kiriko is a support-type character, who blurs the line between DPS and healer, much like Baptiste when he first launched in the game.

As someone who trained with the Shimada brothers, Kiriko has mastered the ability to climb walls and navigate quickly and nimbly.

His main healing ability is Healing Ofuda. Ninja Kiriko threw away many sacred talismans, aiming to restore the health of his teammates.

Like most of the supporting characters in game In this case, players are not required to have aiming and tracking skills because Kiriko’s amulet can sharpen targets.

Thanks to the presence of the Kiriko ninja, the healing process is fast, the character becomes erratic. Wrecking Ball, Genji, and Mercy become very easy.

Kiriko’s secondary skill is a kunai blade, which can be used to deal damage to enemies. Kiriko’s kunai knife is a hitcan weapon.

However, Kiriko is a healer so the damage will be reduced. Unlike the damage caused by other types of heroes.

Kiriko’s most powerful ability is Kitsune Rush. It summons a spectral fox, holding a ninja scroll in its mouth, to illuminate the path of the ghost torii gate.

All teammates who pass through that gate will be awarded buff great speed, including faster movement, weapon reload speed, and cooldown.


Blizzard got rid of the system loot box and introduce battle pass. Kiriko will be joining new tank heroes Junker Queen and Sojourn upon release.

For your information, players using the original Overwatch 2016 will get free access to Kiriko to use in PVP matches online. [SN/HBS]

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