10 Hottest Android Adult Games 2022, Only 18+


Netizens are being shocked by an exciting video similar to the artist Gisel, which features adult scenes. Talking about ‘adult games’, gamers must also have been thrilled with Android adult games, right?

Since the last week, many netizens have been boisterous talking about video links for artists like Gisel. Or maybe you’re one of those who’ve seen it and want to share it?

Instead of getting caught and dealing with the law for spreading exciting videos, it’s better to just spill it into adult games on Android devices.

Adult 18+ games can be an alternative if you are tired of playing the same games, such as Mobile Legends, PUBGM, Free Fire, etc. In order not to be curious, you should try to play this Android adult game.

But remember, this adult-only game is only for ages over 18, you know. Don’t forget to look around first if you want to play this adult game on Android.


The reason is, because these 18+ Android games feature a lot of sexy and violent scenes, and there are also gore.

To be able to get games with today’s adagan, you can download them from several sources. Apart from the Play Store, You can download on APKpure, Steam, aptoide.

Well, if you’re curious about today’s games, Tim The telephone has prepared adult game recommendations for Android that you can directly install.

1. BoneTown

adult games

The first adult game recommendation is BoneTown which has similarities with famous games Grand Theft Auto, so you will no longer have trouble adapting to play this game.

In this Android 18+ game you can do whatever you want like GTA, but the difference is that BoneTown requires you to enlarge your character’s vital organs by sleeping with the woman you managed to seduce.

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2. Playboy The Mansion Hint

android adult games
Playboy The Mansion Hint

Well, this 18+ Android game, you must be familiar with it, because you’ve been there first booming on PC and PS 2 namely Playboy The Mansion Hint. For those of you who miss, can play this game again because it’s available di platform mobile.

Today’s android game you will use magazine boss Playboy namely Hugh Hefner. This game requires you to manage the most famous hot magazines and interact with other women.

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3. Sexy Academy

adult games 18+
Sexy Academy

For game fans from Japan, you must see an Android adult game with good graphics adapted from the popular Japanese game, Sexy Academy.

This 18+ game app tells the story heroine beautiful and sexy ready to be ruled by Master Summoner. Even though the game has a sexy theme, you still have to focus on gameplay and rely on tactics to win.

4. Yareel 3D

android adult games
Yareel 3D

Yareel 3D is one of the 18+ games that are banned but still playable on Android. Today’s game has gone viral and booming maybe it’s suitable to try who knows it could be another option.

This 18+ game is a simulator genre and you can have a relationship like husband and wife, you know, plus the graphics are pretty good and the storyline is interesting for you to follow.

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5. Hot Sexy Girl Darts 3D

adult games
Hot Sexy Girl Darts 3D

The next adult Android game is Hot Sexy Girl Darts 3D which is perfect for those of you who like darts games. In addition to the adult genre, games that are already available on platform mobile This can hone your instincts.

Hot Sexy Girl Darts 3D requires you to collect the highest points by throwing arrows to hit the target and you will be invited and accompanied by beautiful girls during the game.

6. Sexy Girls Spot Difference : Find Game for Adults

game 18+
Sexy Girls Spot Difference : Find Game for Adults

If you’re still not satisfied with the recommended 18+ Android games above, don’t worry because there’s still Sexy Girls Spot Difference: Find Game for Adults. Here you are required to view and choose the differences of each image presented.

This Android adult game, in addition to sharpening your foresight in distinguishing images, is also supported by decent graphics for games mobile and you can challenge your friends to play this game.

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7. RapeLay

game 18+

The next best PC adult game suitable for those aged 18+ is RapeLay. Here you are required to be stalker or stalkers, the women in the game you can create to your heart’s content.

RapeLay focuses on setting where the station and in the train you can follow the story. To be a stalker is done in this game, don’t do it in real life.

8. Mortal Kombat

adult games
Mortal Kombat

Switch to other adult genres that carry the theme of violence and gore First there is Mortal Kombat. For those of you who think this game for adults can only be played on platform console or PC, don’t worry because it’s now available on smartphones.

Mortal Kombat is a fighting genre game that presents sadistic fights and is not for consumption by children under 18 years old because of the many violent scenes and the mainstay stance, namely “fatality”.

This fatality is used at the end of the fight to finish off the opponent in an inhuman way so it’s natural for adults to play.

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9. Bully: Anniversary Edition

android adult games
Bully: Anniversary Edition

You can play this very popular adult game on the PS 2 platform on your smartphone. Here setting the place is a school and you can explore the school to the city area.

Bully tells the story of a student named Jimmy Hopkins as a new student at Bullworth Academy because of his parents’ coercion and you are required to attend various lessons or just prank and fight with other students, teachers and even the police.

10. GTA San Andreas

adult games 18+
GTA San Andreas

The latest adult game recommendation is GTA San Andreas which you definitely know and have played games from platform PS 2 and this PC. GTA San Andreas is still suitable for you to play in 2020 and you can already play it on platform mobile.

You will play the main character in this game, namely CJ or Carl Johnson who just got out of prison and complete various missions to see the next story.

This game has a lot of content that should not be played by minors due to gang wars, using sharp weapons or firearms and even pornography.

Well, those were the recommendations for the hottest adult games on Android in 2022. Please try it, but remember that you must be 18 years of age and over. [RP/HBS]

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