The Latest Beta Version of WhatsApp Tests the Expiring Group Feature


Whatsapp is reportedly testing its newest feature, namely Expiring Groups, a feature to set groups to expire at a certain time.

Previously, WhatsApp had introduced the Disappearing Messages feature which could be used to delete messages automatically in 2020, but this only applies to private chats.

Now this new feature has a similar function to automatically delete group chats within a specified time. This Expiring Group feature is currently under development as seen in the TestFlight app with the WhatsApp beta version for iOS


Based on the screenshots provided by GSMArena, it appears that this new feature is available under group settings and allows users to select the time period the group will expire i.e. a day, a week, or a custom date.

In addition, if the user feels that he wants to cancel the specified expiration date, this feature can be canceled so that the chats in the group will remain intact and not be deleted.

WhatsApp Fitur Expiring Group

However, before you cancel this Expiring Group feature, WhatsApp will ask you to confirm before the messages in the group are deleted.


Please also note that the time option you choose when the Expiring Group feature is active, will only apply to yourself and not to other group participants. So, the group will still exist, it’s just that you are not in the group.

This feature can be a useful tool for managing WhatsApp user accounts to be simpler without many groups that are no longer used, because old irrelevant groups can be deleted automatically, and can reduce the full storage capacity. [FY/HBS]

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