5 Tips to Increase Sales in Ramadan 2024 a la Tokopedia



Ramadan or the fasting month is the moment that many Indonesian people have been waiting for, including business people or sellers. Therefore Tokopedia shares tips to increase sales in the month of Ramadan 2023.

Shortly into the month of Ramadan and referring to Tokopedia data in Ramadan 2022 there is an increase in the number product page view by 50% and an increase in the number of orders of more than 77% compared to Ramadan 2021.

Tokopedia considers that the public’s high interest in shopping during the fasting month can be the right moment for business people, especially MSMEs, to maximize online sales strategies at Tokopedia so that sales increase rapidly.


5 Tips to Increase Sales in the Month of Ramadan

Tips for Tokopedia Ramadan 2023

In order to help business development in the month of Ramadan 2023, Tokopedia also shared 5 tips to increase sales in this year’s holy month. Here are the 5 tips in question.

1. Find out the products that are widely sought after by consumers

Tips for selling in the month of Ramadan begin with conducting research to see which products are most in demand by the public, especially during the fasting month. This is very important for businesses to do.

Sellers can take advantage of the Market Insights feature on Tokopedia. This feature allows sellers to see the keywords that buyers search for or use the most, to the most popular products by region and category.

As information, during fasting or Ramadan 2022 yesterday, greeting card products, hampers or cookie parcels and household items, such as pillows and bolsters, were some of the most sought-after products by the public.

2. Beautify Shop Page

Tokopedia Store Page
Tokopedia Store Page

Attractive store and product pages have the potential to make shoppers more likely to click. Sellers can use the Shop Decoration feature to beautify the appearance of their shop on Tokopedia to attract more buyers.

The Shop Decoration feature on Tokopedia provides special templates that have been designed according to the functions and needs of each seller category. For example, a template for a fashion retailer will be different from an e-commerce or food and beverage retailer

Apart from shop pages, product pages are also important for sellers to pay attention to. Product photos must be clear and show the advantages. Product titles and descriptions must also be complete so that they are more informative and accommodate questions from potential buyers.

3. Activate the Free Shipping Feature

Based on Tokopedia’s internal data, more than half of orders during Ramadan 2022 are sent free of charge.

From this data, Tokopedia sellers can activate the Free Shipping feature to increase sales in the month of Ramadan 2023. Free shipping can also reach more buyers in all corners of Indonesia, especially during the fasting month.


4. Selling Ramadan Parcel Products

Throughout Ramadan 2022, parcel sales at Tokopedia have almost doubled. During Ramadan this year, sellers can boost sales via a special Ramadan Parcel page on Tokopedia.

Businesses selling Ramadan parcels are strongly advised to include the most popular products in their shops in the parcels to be sold. Sellers can also combine it with similar or complementary products in the parcel.

Furthermore, sellers can use the Product Complementary feature to add greeting cards and special packaging to make it easier for buyers.

5. Take advantage of TopAds Tokopedia Marketing Solutions

Tips for selling in Ramadan 2023, next is to take advantage of the promotional channels offered by Tokopedia Marketing Solutions, such as TopAds. Advertising features on Tokopedia so seller products can appear at the top of the search page.

Apart from these five tips, Tokopedia also provides various relevant educational materials such as #SIAPRAMADAN2023 to help businesses maximize sales during the fasting month.

Other information related to developing a business can also be learned for free through the Tokopedia Seller Education Center website or [NM/HBS]

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