Netflix Video Game Studio Coming Soon, Focus on Mobile?


Studio video game Netflix is ​​in development stage. Netflix is ​​intensifying efforts to establish itself in the industry game.

Studio video game Netflix will be based in Helsinki, Finland. The studio will be led by former Zynga and Electronic Arts executive Marko Lastikka.

Netflix has previously bought the company game small, like developer Night School Studio Oxenfree. Now, Netflix is ​​trying to build its own studio from scratch.

Lastikka is an established figure in game after co-founding the Zynga studio, which is also in Helsinki. Zynga worked on FarmVille 3 under his leadership.


Amir Rahimi, Vice President of Netflix Game Studios, announces his vision to build a studio game himself world-class in a blog post.

“We will present a variety of original games that are fun and very interesting, without ads and without in-app purchases,” explained Amir Rahimi.

In April 2022, Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers, its first quarterly loss since 2011. Its share price fell 35 percent, losing $50 billion in market value.

Netflix then lost nearly a million subscribers between April and July 2022, the most in history, although it still has more than 220 million subscribers worldwide.

Netflix purchased Helsinki-based Next Games in March 2022. Netflix already has a working relationship with the developer who created the game cellular.

Researcher game Annakaisa Kultima, who lives in Helsinki, said the acquisition would play an important role in Netflix’s decision to venture into business.

“There are hundreds” game which are published daily on the app store. To really succeed there, you have to have critical knowledge,” said Kultima.

Netflix is ​​getting more and more interested in the industry game in recent years. Netflix has released several series based on games, such as games Arcane.


Netflix is ​​working with Ubisoft, which will develop the Assassin’s Creed television series. It’s unclear if Netflix is ​​developing game exclusive mobile.

Eric Seufert, an independent industry analyst, stated that Netflix made a sizeable investment into the industry gamemissed the exclusive for mobile or console. [SN/HBS]

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