Grand Theft Auto VI Presents Two Protagonists


Grand Theft Auto VI will present two playable protagonist characters gamer. It was revealed from the leak gameplay.

Leaks gameplay Grand Theft Auto VI has spread on YouTube and other social media platforms thanks to the actions of a hacker who goes by the name teapotuberhacker.

Like The telephone quote from EngadgetMonday (19/9/2022), he uploaded 90 videos from test build Grand Theft Auto is the latest release to GTAForums and it’s making a lot of noise.

In line with Jason Schreier’s report from Bloomberg Published in July 2022, the footage shows two playable protagonists.


One of them is a female character named Lucia, who robs a restaurant in one of the clips. In a separate video, there are other playable characters.

He drives the “Vice City Metro”, pointing to the fact that GTA VI will take place in a fictional version of Miami. According to Schreier, the leaked footage is legitimate.

“Not that there is much doubt, but I have confirmed with Rockstar sources that the leaks gameplay The game is real,” he said.

“The record is still early. Not finished yet. This leak is the biggest in video history game and a nightmare for Rockstar Games,” he added.

Adding intrigue to the already interesting story of GTA VI, teapotuberhacker dares to claim responsibility for the recent Uber hack.

They earn test build after gaining access to Rockstar employees’ Slack accounts and being able to upload additional data directly onlineincluding source code.

He also got the assets of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA VI, as well as test build itself. However, it is not clear how old this version of the game is.

Rockstar has reportedly been working on GTA VI since 2014. July 2022, Schreier reports that the studio is at least two years away from releasing game it to the public.


GTA VI is expected to be released in the next two years. From the leaked video, it can be seen that game not finished developing yet and still testing some features. [SN/HBS]

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