Xbox Update, Gamers Can Voice Chat Discord Directly from the Console


Microsoft is rolling out a new update in November for Xbox, which gets voice chat features or voice chat Default Discord. This feature allows players to connect to voice channel Discord straight from the console.

Before the Xbox update this November rolls out, you’ll have to rely on the mobile app or desktop PC to transfer calls to the Xbox system to chat with friends.

This Xbox update allows players to access channels or server any sound directly from the guide pop-out. This update also improves the capturing experience game by adding a separate application.

The latest update in November has been released to all Xbox users. Microsoft explained that as long as a Discord account is connected to the Xbox console, players should be able to access the Parties & Chats menu and find friends lists.


But remember, Microsoft treats Discord and Xbox party lists separately. So you may have to switch according to the game being played.

Additionally, Xbox Series S and X consoles will now benefit from noise cancellation thanks to third-party Krisp software, which sucks up audio input.

Its purpose is to remove background noise, such as dogs and barking keyboard which “clicks” and delivers fairly clear audio.

Xbox Voice Chat Discord

If you prefer unfiltered audio, simply open the Discord section, open Options’, then turn off noise reduction. Changes only apply to server Discord.

Microsoft has also added a new Captures app on Xbox, which can be accessed via tab Capture & share, offers improved view to management.

Clip and screenshot can now be directly transferred to drive external, promises improved bitrates on Xbox Series S/X for 720p and 1080p recordings.


You can also start streaming directly from the Xbox console via Twitch, Lightstream, or Streamlabs, simply by going to the Live streaming menu option.

Then, scroll down to Destination to choose between the three. Unfortunately, for now, the Twitch app on Xbox is strictly viewing only.

Finally, Xbox update November 2022 brings improvements to features wishlist. Friends can vote, buy, and send game titles as gifts.

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