More Practical, Now Shopping at Alfamart Can Use FUNDS


DANA is now developing its services to be enjoyed by more users. DANA has become a means of payment at 17 thousand Alfamart outlets, as well as an online payment option at Alfagift.

Through this partnership, people can use DANA services when shopping using the QRIS code, thus providing easy access to make non-cash payments.

Previously, DANA continued to expand access and increase financial inclusion in various payment services cashless. DANA continues to develop its services starting from providing services cash in and cash outto top up the balance.

There are also various non-cash payment options offered by DANA, including using DANA balances or credit or debit cards found in the online wallet application via Save Card.


Until now service innovation continues to be carried out, and most recently as a payment option at Alfamart and Alfagift. According to DANA’s Chief Executive Officer, Vince Iswara, DANA’s services have now been integrated in more than 17,000 Alfamart outlets throughout Indonesia.

“Until today, the DANA application has been integrated with more than 17,000 Alfamart outlets throughout Indonesia. We believe this collaboration can open wider access to financial services for the community and accelerate the adoption of digital wallets for various daily needs,” said Vince.

Based on the official statement received on Saturday (11/03/2023), users who shop at Alfamart can now make non-cash payments easily using the DANA application.

Carrying out the Customer-Presented Mode or CPM concept, DANA users will direct the QRIS code that appears on the DANA application to be scanned.

In addition to functioning offlineusers can also make online transactions on the Alfagift application using DANA on the payment page.

“DANA is committed to continuing to develop payment and financial features and services available in the DANA application, so that the DANA application can be enjoyed and reached by all Indonesian people, including people in various cities outside Indonesia’s focus cities,” continued Vince.


Then pay for shopping with QRIS CPM through this DANA application, completing top-up transaction services and cash withdrawals or cash-in cash-out FUNDS that have been available at Alfamart before.

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