Microsoft Tries to Redesign Audio Mixer in Windows 11


Microsoft is rumored to have tried to do a redesign audio mixer in the newest operating system, namely Windows 11 so that users can more easily manage audio.

Previously, Windows often gave users a hard time when managing multiple audio devices. However, in recent years it has improved the experience of managing audio on Windows.

For example, in 2021 Microsoft has tried to simplify the way Windows 10 works to categorize devices with Bluetooth connectivity. However, Windows still doesn’t make it easier for users to replace output audio or when adjusting the volume, such as setting the volume differently between apps.


Reported The telephone from Engadget, to overcome this minor annoyance, Microsoft will redesign it audio mixer for Windows 11. This week, the company has announced a preview of Windows 11 Insider and it just so happens to be bringing out quick settings audio mixer which has been redesigned.

With this updated interface element it is not only possible for users to switch audio devices, but users can also use spatial audio and adjust the volume level according to different applications. This cannot be done by design audio mixer At the moment.

Apart from that, Microsoft has also added a special shortcut to access the audio mixer feature more quickly. Users can now open audio settings by simultaneously pressing the Windows key, Ctrl, and V on the keyboard.


“With these changes, you can now customize your audio experience with more control and fewer clicks to better manage your favorite apps,” said Microsoft.

This new volume mixer looks similar to a modified one audio mixr with EarTrumpet, according to Bleeping Computer. Until now there has been no word from Microsoft to roll out the Windows 11 Inside feature for regular users, but it is expected that this will be released soon.

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