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Here’s How to Update MacOS to the Latest Version on MacBook


Apple launches frequently update latest operating system for MacBook. At the time of this writing, Apple had already released MacOS Ventura. However, of course there are still many MacBook users who haven’t done it update or system update.

In fact, updating the operating system is considered very important. By doing software update, you will get some advantages. Call it like access to the latest features and increased device security sector.

Some of you may still feel confused about how to update the operating system on a Mac. Moreover, if you are a new user. Therefore, the Caris Signal team will invite you to take a peek at the procedures update MacOS on your device. Curious? Let’s check this out!

Things to Look For Before Updating MacOS

cara install mac os 9_

Update the operating system or sperating system (hereinafter, referred to as OS) on MacBook is not as difficult as one might think, kok. For the record, before doing update OS, please pay attention to the following points:

1. Ensure Enough Storage Memory Remaining

Before doing update OS, make sure the rest space in your storage memory enough, yes. Usually, update This OS requires a large enough space. For example, the Caris Signal team willupdate OS to Monterey from Big Sur. Space required to reach more than 20 GB.

There’s nothing wrong with doing some research about the new OS that will be installed, so that it’s easier to set up the device.

2. Backup Data

Not just checking storagedon’t forget to alsobackup important data to cloud storage or cloud. This is so that important data on your MacBook is not lost due to updating the operating system.

You can use Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox and many other cloud storage apps.

3. Check Internet Connection

Stable internet connection is very much needed. Because, you will download the operating system yourself. So, before starting, also make sure your internet connection is stable, OK? We recommend using WiFi instead of cellular data.

Cara Update MacOS

Well, now the Caris Signal team will discuss the method update the MacOS. Oh yeah, don’t forget to connect your MacBook device with charger during the operating system update process.

If you have confirmed the databackup, charger connected, and the rest storage enough, please follow these steps to update OS:

guy install mac os 1-1_
  • Buka “System Preferences”. Press the Apple logo at the top left of the screen to open the Apple Menu. Then, select “System Preferences”.
guy install mac os 2-1_
  • Select the “Software update” menu once open system preferences.
guy install mac os 3-1_
  • Wait for a moment. Let the system check software update. If so, there will be information regarding update latest OS. As mentioned earlier, the Caris signal team will replace the Big Sur OS with Monterey. If you are using a recent MacBook device, the system will suggest updating the OS to the latest version. Tekan “Upgrade Now” to update the operating system.
guy install mac os 5_1_
  • Wait for the OS download to complete. Make sure your internet connection is stable, OK?
guy install mac os 7-1_
  • Press “Continue” when a dialog like in the image above appears.
guy install os mac 10_
  • Select “Agree” twice to continue the OS installation. Then, decide where you will install the OS. Of course, the choice is in drive Installed SSD.
  • Enter the MacBook password to continue the process. Restart your device. Wait until the OS is installed on the MacBook.

After the device isrestart, the most recent OS will be directly installed on the MacBook. All you have to do is install the required applications, then use the device as usual.

List of Latest Versions of MacOS

Not only discussing tips and how-tos update MacOS, the Caris signal team will also review the latest MacOS line released by Apple in the past few years. What are the operating systems? Check out the list below.

1. MacOS is coming

macos coming_

At the time of this writing, MacOS Ventura was launched in October 2022. This operating system presents a variety of interesting new features. Call it like password presence for Safari, features sharing photo albums, editable messages, to the Stage Manager.

Stage Manager itself is a feature that allows Mac users to compose window neat application. Of course, only in one view. So, you don’t have to bother switching from one application to another. Just access the Stage Manager only.

Ventura also presents changes to the camera, FaceTime, and the security sector. you can create hidden folder for photo albums. Loading folder recently deleted photos (recently deleted photos) will also be locked immediately. So, your privacy is maintained.

In terms of appearance, MacOS Ventura is certainly not inferior fresh compared to Monterey and BigSur. MacOS Ventura is compatible with iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, up to the Mac Mini from 2017 and above.

2. MacOS Monterey

macos monterey_

Before Ventura, Monterey had been born first. This MacOS was released a year before Ventura. MacOS Monterey brings some improvements to certain apps. Call it like FaceTime, Notes, and Safari.

Apple also introduced Universal Control in Monterey. This feature lets you transfer cursor control from your MacBook to your iPad, or vice versa.

Monterey gives Mac users the opportunity to increase productivity through the Focus feature. This feature is similar to that of most recent smartphones. Turn on Focus while you’re working, so you don’t get distracted by pop-up notifications or other forms of distraction.

How, you are interested in update to Monterey? MacOS Monterey can be used by Mac devices released 2015 and above.

3. macOS Big Sur

macos big sur_

Big Sur is a Mac operating system that was released in November 2020. Present as the successor to Catalina, Big Sur is stealing attention thanks to its design. The design of this operating system is completely fresh and looks more present rather than the old version of the operating system. Big Sur stuck with wallpaperits special.

MacOS Big Sur also offers interesting features. Like browser Safari is predicted to be faster. Then, there are also improvements in the privacy and security sector. Especially when users use the App Store to search for applications.

While browsing the App Store, users may see apps that require private data access. Examples include location access or contacts. This information can help you be careful when installing apps on your Mac. So, you avoid criminal acts in the form of data theft.

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