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5 Ways to Easily Delete Junk Files on Samsung Phones


buildup file often affects the depletion of HP storage capacity. Not infrequently, users get confused when they get a notification that the HP’s internal storage is full. Of course this can interfere with activities carried out using a cellphone.

For example, if you want to install another application. You have to bother deleting one by one file on HP. Indeed, not difficult to remove file on your cellphone. Especially if you are familiar with the use of this electronic device. However, sometimes there are still users who are confused about how to delete file on HP.

On this occasion, I will review how to delete file garbage, especially on Samsung cellphones. Well, for those of you who are curious, please refer to the discussion below.

How to Delete Junk Files on Samsung HP via My Files Folder

The first method that I will discuss is the delete step file trash on a Samsung cellphone via folder My Files or File Manager. This one method is fairly common and easy to practice. Check out the following review to find out the steps.

how to delete junk files on a samsung cellphone 1-1_
  • Look for folder “My Files” or “File Manager” on your cellphone. On the latest Samsung cellphones, just type “Files” in the application search field. Later, application recommendations will appear.
how to delete junk files on a samsung cellphone 2_
  • Open folder “My Files” and search file that you want to delete. For example, I use file a duplicated photo. So, I vote folder “Images”. As seen in the image above, there are several file same photo inside folder. I will delete some and leave only one photo.
how to delete junk files on a samsung cellphone 3-1_
  • Well, to remove fileits, enough check photos/file that you want to delete. press photo/file it for a few seconds until the checkmark appears.
how to delete junk files on a samsung 4-1_ cellphone
  • If you want to delete all photos/fileenough Press the button marked “All” in the top left corner of the screen. Later, everyone file will be selected automatically.
how to delete junk files on a samsung 6-1-side_ cellphone
  • To remove fileits, enough press the trash can icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, choose “Move to trash” or “Move to trash”. File will go into the trash on your phone. From here, you can leave it for 30 days and then be automatically deleted by the system.
delete junk files samsung 10-1_
  • When you want to remove it from folder rubbish, press the dot button in the upper-right corner of the screen, then select “Trash”.
how to delete junk files on a samsung 7-1__1 cellphone
  • You will be taken to the containing folder file rubbish. To remove file what’s in it, please press the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. Then, choose “Empty” to empty the trash.
delete junk files on a Samsung 9__3 cellphone
  • Well, if you just want to delete file certain, select and press fileuntil a tick appears. Then, press the trash can icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Just info, file which has been deleted from folder this trash can’t be returned. If you are still unsure about actually deleting it, you can return it file it to folder origin by pressing the button “Restore”.

Oh yes, how to delete file trash on Samsung cellphones also applies to types file other. Among them are applications, videos and documents.

How to Delete Junk Files in the HP Gallery

You can also delete file trash on a Samsung cellphone via the HP Gallery. The method is very easy. Here are the steps.

how to delete samsung files 1-side 1_
  • Open Gallery on your cellphone. Then, search album/folder rubbish. On the latest Samsung HP, please press the three line icon in the right corner of the HP screen.
  • After that, open it folder trash with press the trash can icon inscribed “Trash”.
  • From here, photos/videos that have been deleted will appear. Usually, fwith it will last for 30 days before finally being deleted automatically by the system.
  • To delete all file enough trash press the triple dot icon in the top right corner of the screen. Then, choose “Empty”.
  • If you only want to delete some fileplease select and tick fileher. Then, press trash can icon at the bottom of the screen.

As usual, photos and videos have been removed from folder trash will permanently deleted. You cannot return it fileagain. However, there is an application out there to restore file deleted. You can rely on these applications.

Clearing App Cache on Samsung Phones

buildup cache will cause residue that will ‘contaminate’ and affect the performance of your cellphone. Therefore, you can clean file trash so that the application can run smoothly. How to delete cache on a Samsung cellphone it’s not difficult. Please follow the following steps.

delete files samsung 7-1_
  • Open the Settings menu on your cellphone. Then, choose “Apps” or “Application”.
delete files samsung 8-1_
  • From here, find the app you want to remove cacheher. For example, I choose the Alliance Shield X application.
delete files samsung 9-1_
  • Press the application until information about the application appears. Furthermore, select “Storage” or “Storage”.
delete files samsung 10-1_
  • To remove cacheplease press the broom icon that says “Clear cache” or “Clear cache”. You can repeat step this on some apps that want to be removed cacheher.

Pakai Device Care

battery device care 2-side__1

Samsung pinned features Device Care on the latest HP. This feature can help you to detect malware and improve phone performance. It’s easy. Just open Settings > Battery and Device Care > Optimize now. Device Care can also help monitor excessive battery usage and close certain applications automatically.

Remove Junk Files with Apps

Apart from relying on the methods above, there is an eraser application file trash you can use. I will recommend some of the apps for you. Here’s the list.

1. CC Cleaner

cc cleaner_

One of the eraser apps file the best trash on Android is CC Cleaner. If you are a Windows PC user, of course you are familiar with this one application. CC Cleaner can help clean up file trash in seconds. Even, cache even hidden can be removed easily.

You only need to download and install the CC Cleaner application on a Samsung cellphone. After that, open the application. Then, press the “Quick Clean” button. Don’t forget to choose a type file that you want to delete. If so, press the “Finish Cleaning” button. Well, then your cellphone can be clean from file piled up trash.

This application is provided user interface Simple, so it’s easy for anyone to use. There are two types of services that can be used: free and premium. The premium version is offered at a price of IDR 8000 per month (bills are sent annually). One of the advantages of the premium version is the ad-free service.

2. AVG Cleaner

avg cleaner_

Next, there is AVG Cleaner. In appearance and function, this application is similar to CC Cleaner. In fact, the two are very similar. How to use it is also the same. you just need to do quick scan. Then, select a type file trash you want to delete.

One of the differences between AVG and CC Cleaner may be the price. The premium version of AVG Cleaner is offered at a price of IDR 9000 per month (billing is sent annually). Again, this application also brings user interface very simple, with a super minimalist look. It didn’t take long to clear all of them file trash on your phone using AVG Cleaner. Interested?

Up here my discussion of how to delete file trash on a Samsung phone. Which way do you think is easier to practice? Please share your opinion in the comments column, OK?

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