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How to Lock Applications With Patterns and Fingerprints on HP Infinix


As an active HP user, storing important notes or data on HP has become commonplace. For example, meeting notes for work, personal data, to confidential conversations. Everything is stored in an application such as a note application, Google Drive, to a conversation application (chat).

As privacy, of course we don’t want anyone else to be able to access the application. Fortunately, several cellphones today are equipped with good security features, including Infinix. HP Infinix provides an App Lock feature to lock an application. That way, only you can access locked apps.

If you are an HP Infinix user but don’t know how, don’t worry. Because, in this article, the Caris Signal team has prepared a discussion on how to lock applications on HP Infinix. Well, without lingering, please refer to the following discussion.

How to Lock Applications on HP Infinix

The way to lock the application is quite easy, including on the HP Infinix. Moreover, this App Lock feature is a direct feature of Infinix. So, besides being easy, this feature is also quite safe to use. So, to make it clearer, please refer to the following steps.

  • Go to page “App Lock” first.
  • There are two ways you can enter it, namely through the application “Settings” or “Phone Master”.
  • The first way, you can enter it through the application “Settings”.
how to lock applications on infinix cellphones
  • Please open the application”Settings” via the live app or pressing the gear button in the notification bar.
how to lock applications on infinix cellphones
  • Search to the bottom and select menu “Security”.
how to lock applications on infinix cellphones
  • To lock the application, please select the menu “App Lock”.
  • If this is your first time using this feature, you will be asked to create an access code in the form of pattern or pattern first.
how to hide applications on HP infinix
  • Apart from the applicationSettings”, You can also access this feature through the application “Phone Master”.
  • Please open the application”Phone Master” first.
how to lock applications on infinix cellphones
  • Find and select the menu “App Lock“which is in the column”Privacy and Security”.
how to lock applications on infinix cellphones
  • Inside page “App Lock”, you can freely lock the apps you want to secure.
  • The trick is to press the lock icon next to the name of the application until it turns green and is locked.

Additional info, if you press the gear icon at the top right, you will find some additional settings.

how to lock applications on infinix cellphones

Explanation of additional menus can be seen below.

  • Enable App Lock, a feature to enable App Lock. You can also turn this feature off by pressing the toggle next to it until it’s greyed out.
  • Make pattern visible, a setting that makes the drawn pattern visible. However, if you turn it off, the lines when drawing the pattern become invisible.
  • Change passwordan option that you can use to change your previous password.
  • Reset security questionthe settings option to change the security question.

How to Lock Applications with Fingerprints on HP Infinix

Locking applications is one good way to secure these applications. However, this method is considered old for some people. Moreover, the password used is pattern or patterns that take time to make the pattern.

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