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How to Easily Download YouTube Videos on HP and PC


I’ve known YouTube for a long time. Since the internet is still not very fast and not many people use it smartphone. At that time, watching YouTube videos was less of an experience because the internet connection was not too fast so that made it an option streaming less worthy.

To anticipate this, I often download YouTube videos instead of watching them live. This method is faster and allows me to watch the video again at a later time. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t provide the option download videos. At that time, I used various services or third parties to download youtube videos.

In the era of smartphones widely used by people and fast internet connections, people are rare download or download videos on YouTube. However, not a few also prefer the option to download youtube videos.

Well, on this occasion, I will explain how download videos on YouTube with various methods that I have tried myself. This method varies, some are specifically for smartphonesome are specifically for desktop/laptop PC devices, some methods can be used both.

Without further ado, here’s a presentation of various ways download videos from YouTube. You can choose one method that is suitable and what you like.

Direct Download from Application

Videos on YouTube can be-download or downloaded directly from the YouTube app at smartphone, both phones with Android and Apple iPhone. For how, you can follow the steps below.

  • Please open the YouTube app first. If your cellphone doesn’t have YouTube installed, please install it first through the default mobile application store (Google Play Store/ App Store). After that, search for the video title that you want to download or download. You can type a search in the YouTube search box.
how to download videos on youtube 10_
  • Open the video, then specify video resolution you want to download. Go to settings with pressing the gear icon at the top right of the screen.
how to download videos on youtube 3_
  • Select “Higher picture quality” to download videos in high resolution. (720p, 1080p or 4K). YouTube will choose the resolution automatically. However, if you want to select the resolution manually, please press the button “Advanced” which is under “Data saver”. Then, select the video resolution as desired.
how to download videos on YouTube 1_
  • Please return to the video you want to download. Then find and press the button “Download” to download the video. Wait until the download process is complete.
how to download videos on youtube 6_
  • To see the download result, open it “Library” next to the “Subscribe” option. The download results can be checked in the menu “Downloads”.
  • After the download is complete, you can watch the video without connecting to an internet connection. Videos can be played on the YouTube application itself, not on other video player applications.
how to download videos on youtube 8_
  • If you have watched the video and no longer want it to be available for free offline, You can click on the video and delete it. Press the button “Remove” to delete videos.

This method is a practical way to download videos on YouTube. This method is suitable for those of you who often watch the same videos over and over again. However, this method cannot be applied to all videos.

Due to copyright issues, many videos on YouTube have the “Download” feature disabled. Generally music videos or other videos that do contain very strict copyright. An example is the JK48 music video entitled RIVER the following.

cara download youtube_

As seen in the image, the “Download” button cannot be selected or cannot be used. This issue can be resolved if you subscribe to YouTube Premium. However, if you don’t subscribe to YouTube Premium, you can try the methods below.

Using Video Downloader Sites/Video Downloader

Another way to download YouTube videos is without using third-party applications. This method utilizes the service of a video download site, aka site video downloader. There are several sites that provide this service. Some of them are as follows.

1. Savefromnet

The first way is to use the Savefromnet site which can be accessed at This site can be accessed at browser smartphone as well as on PC. Steps to download it as follows.

savefrom salin link_
  • Open the YouTube app/site and search for the video you want download.
  • If so, click the section “Share” or “Share” in the application. Select an option “Salin link”.
  • Access using browser whatever. For example Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others. After that, paste or paste link on the box as in the picture.
savefrom 1_!_
  • Wait until the site publishes the video download option. If it is already, Please select video resolution and format. For example, MP4 720p for good video quality. The site will download the video automatically once the resolution and format are selected.
  • As shown in the image above, you can download the video in WebM format with 720p resolution. WebM is a video format from Google and many video player applications already support this format.
savefrom 2_1_
  • You can also download the video directly without selecting a resolution. After pasting linkjust click the button “Download” like in this picture.

Savefromnet apparently provides other MP4 and WebM options. Unfortunately, the highest resolution does not provide sound. Seen in the picture above, there appears to be a sound sign and a symbol “x”. That means, if you choose this option, the video you download will be silent, aka only the video.

You can also download directly without opening the site. You do this by adding “SS” behind the video link. The steps are as follows.

  • For example, you will download a video with the link “”
  • You just add “SS” before YouTube in the link so it becomes
  • If you access with that link, later the link will directly lead to Savefromnet and immediately provide options download.

2. Keepvid

Another site you can use for download videos on YouTube is Keepvid. This site has been around for a long time. In the past, I often used Keepvid for download YouTube videos. To use this service, please perform the following steps.

  • Translation link or YouTube video links that you want to download.
  • Go to the Keepvid site by accessing in any browser, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others.
  • Paste link YouTube in a white box as shown in the picture.
  • Select the “Go” option. Later, the site will display link download videos at the bottom.
  • For download video, right click “Save link as…” or “Save linked content as…”.
  • later, browser will download the video. Wait until the download is complete.
  • You can also choose the option to download different types of resolutions. you are enough scroll down and you will see choice option download like the following picture.
  • To allow videos to play on TVs that support video playback, you can select MP4 format. If you need the audio of the video, you can download audio format only. You can even download the video without sound.

I use the example above using browser Opera on PC. If you want to download it via browser on a smartphone, you can do similar steps. try browser which is used is browser popular and not a mini version. You can use Chrome, Safari (for iOS), Firefox, Opera, UC Browser, and others.


Another website that provides a site for downloading videos from YouTube is This site is a practical site for downloading videos. The method is also easy. Please refer to the following steps.

y2mate 1_1_
  • Visit the site then enter link or YouTube video links. Later, the site will immediately display a selection of videos to download.
y2mate2 1_
  • Select the desired video format. Press the button “Download” For example, I choose MP4 720p.
y2mate 3 1_
  • Finally, you will be taken to the next page. Press the button “Download .mp4” to start the download.
y2mate 4 1_

Another step to make it faster is to insert the letters “pp” after the YouTube caption. For example, you will download videos with link this :

Next, you can simply insert “pp” in link the. Then it will be:

With this step, you site will open and immediately show options download as in the previous image. From here, you just need to continue the process download using the steps above.

4. ssyoutube

Next up, there’s ssyoutube. The way this site works is not much different from other video download sites. Here are the steps for its use.

ssyoutube 1 1_
  • Go to the site from browser your device. Then, paste it link the video you want to download. Press the button “early” for next process.
ssyoutube 2 1_
  • You will be taken to the download page. Please select the desired video resolution. For example, I chose a 720p MP4 video. On this site, you can also download videos without sound like on savefrom. If so, press the button “Download”. The video will be automatically downloaded to your device.


Another site for downloading videos from YouTube is I often use this site for converting YouTube videos and downloading them. How to use this site itself is easy. Please follow these steps.
  • Access the site then enter link to the box “Video URL to Download”. Then, choose “Continue”.
  • Next, the site will display video resolution options from standard to Full HD resolution, depending on the maximum default video resolution.
  • So can you select video and audio formats you want to choose. Because this site does video conversion first before you can download. If you already have the video resolution, and the video and audio format, you select it “Start”.
  • The site will then process the video. After that, there will be a page download. Please choose “Download” to download the video.

This site is quite good for download videos from YouTube. Unfortunately, this site is quite strict because it doesn’t allow that download videos with copyrighted music, so you will find some videos that cannot be downloaded using this site.

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