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3 Ways to Restart an Android Phone with and without Applications


Experiencing problems with smartphones is commonplace, from the system running slowly to applications suddenly stopping working. One of the most effective solutions to solve this problem is to restart your device.

The restart process can help clear memory and restart all processes running on the operating system. In this article, Carisinyal will discuss various methods for restarting an Android cellphone. One way is to use an application, you know.

Standard Restart with Power Button

Restarting an Android cellphone by default is the most common and easy way to do it. Follow these steps to restart your device:

1.Press and Hold the Power Button

On most Android devices, the power button is on the right or top side of the device. Press and hold this button for a few seconds.

2. Select Restart Option

Standard 1Standard 1

After a few seconds, the screen will display several options. Select option “Restart” or “Reboot” from the menu that appears. If this option is not available, select “Power Off” to turn off the device, then press the power button again after a few seconds to turn it back on.

Hard Restart with Power Button

If your device is unresponsive and won't restart in the standard way, you may need to perform a hard restart. This method forces the device to turn off and on again without going through the normal shutdown process.

1.Press and Hold the Power and Volume Down Buttons

Simultaneously press and hold the power button and volume down button for 10-20 seconds.

2. Wait until the device restarts

Hard RestartHard Restart

Continue holding both buttons until the screen turns off and the manufacturer's logo appears, indicating the device is restarting.

Using the Shutdown Application

What if your power button is broken or not working? You can still restart the device with the help of third-party applications. One application that can be used is “Shutdown.”

Application “Shutdown” allows you to turn off or restart the device without needing to use physical buttons. Here's how to use it:

  • Download App: Visit Google Play Store and download the Shutdown app.
App 1App 1
  • Install and Open the Application: Once downloaded, install the app and open it.
  • Select Restart Option: In the application, you will find the option to turn off or restart the device. Select “Restart” to restart your device.
App 2App 2

It's important to note that using third-party apps may require root access or special settings on your device. However, for applications Shutdown You don't need to root your smartphone.

Restarting an Android phone can solve many system and application problems. By following this guide, you can easily restart your device, either the standard way or via alternative methods if necessary. Always make sure tobackup your important data regularly to prevent data loss during the restart or reset process.


These are a number of common questions that often arise when discussing how to restart an Android cellphone. Maybe you often ask some of these questions too.

1. What are the benefits of restarting your cellphone?

Restarting your cellphone can clear temporary memory, close applications running in the background, and fix minor problems such as lag or applications that don't respond.

2. Can the cellphone restart itself?

Yes, the cellphone can restart itself, usually because of a software problem, overheator problems hardware.

3. What is the difference between resetting and restarting a cellphone?

An HP reset returns the device to its factory settings, erasing all user data and installed applications, whereas a restart simply turns the device off and on again without erasing data.

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