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Know These 2 Ways to Reduce Photo Size to 200 KB!


In this modern era, everything is done online online, including in terms of managing and sending important documents. Send file Documents via the internet are considered faster and more practical than sending via the post office or other delivery services.

Just like when you want to apply for a job, now you can do it for free online. No need to bother sending cover letters and other important documents. You can send files and photos of KTP or photos of other documents more quickly and easily.

However, some companies or internet sites often provide conditions forupload photos with a certain size such as 200 KB. Small photo size will make file those sent are lighter, so they can be easily sent and opened.

So, how do you reduce the size of a photo to 200 KB, but without reducing the quality of the photo? Check out the discussion below.

How to reduce photo size through the site Online

In the virtual world itself, there are already many sites and applications that provide features and services to enlarge or reduce the size of documents up to file photo. Sites online is quite in demand to use because it saves more time than you have toedit photos manually. Moreover, how to reduce photo size to 200 KB on sites online it is indeed very fast.

However, sometimes the quality of photos that are scaled down is noticeably reduced. Therefore, you must be smart in choosing a site or application edit photo. Next, Caris Signal explains how to reduce the size of a photo to 200 KB.

How to reduce the size of this one photo is the easiest way because it can be done via browser HP to laptops. You simply open the site below.



This is a free site that you can use to reduce the size of your photos for free online without having to install anything. This site is quite popular among blogger because it’s quite easy to use. In addition, this site can also be opened easily in a PC or browser browser browser smartphone.

  • Open the tinyjpg site past browser here
  • For how to reduce the photo size to 200 KB, you can immediately click in the area “Drop your .png or .jpg file here!”. A new window will appear toupload desired photo.
  • Interestingly, you can meng-upload 20 photos at a time with Each photo is a maximum of 5MB in size
  • After the photouploadthen automatic The photo will enter the compress process
  • Wait until the process is comfortablei and download the resulting 200 KB photo you want



As the name implies, with this site you can resize photos according to your wishes and needs. So, how to reduce the size of a photo to 200 KB using this site is as follows:

  • Go to site here past browser Your cellphone or laptop
  • Upload the photo you want edit by clicking “Drag and Drop a file here”.
  • Then click “Continue to edit picture” in the right corner. Wait until the process is complete.
  • After the photo upload process is complete, you canedit photos like effects and others
  • For how to reduce the size of your photo simply type in the size of 200 KB available size box
  • If everything is filled, you click the button “I am done, resize my picture!”. Click to save the results of the photo “Save to disk”



As discussed above, sometimes when you change the size of a photo, the quality of the photo will also change. Well, site online this one can be a solution for how to reduce the size of a photo to 200 KB without reducing the quality of the photo too much. Here’s how:

  • Go to the site here through browser your device
  • Click button Upload Images or enough drag and drop to upload a photo to be resized to 200 KB
  • After the photo has been successfullyuploadYou can control the compressed quality by setting sectionsEnter desired file size”
  • Enter a number of 200KB
  • When finished making settings, you select the button Compress Image
  • Click button Download to save the results of the photo size of 200 KB

Application Recommendations for Reducing Photo Size

The above is a way to reduce the size of a photo to 200 KB using the site online, this time we will discuss how to use an application on a cellphone to resize photos. The advantage of this method is that it is more practical because there is no need to bother accessing it browser. Just open the application below.

1. Lit Photo

lit photo_

This Android application is a quick way to reduce the size of photos on your cellphone. This application uses compression technology smart lossy to reduce size file photos by selectively reducing the number of colors in the photo. As a result, the quality of small size photos remains balanced. Here’s how to reduce photo size with Lit Photo:

  • Download the Lit Photo app here
  • Open the app. Later you will find out 3 features on the main page ie compress photorsize photos and crop photo
  • Select a section compress photos to reduce the size of the photo
  • A permission request will appear. tap allow everything
  • Select the photo to be reduced in size. You can select more than 1 photo. After that, tap the checkmark in the upper right corner of the HP screen
  • Later, it will appear page compress. Here you can set the size and quality of the photo
  • When finished setting, click Start Compressing. Automatically, the photos will be saved in the HP gallery

2. Photo Compress 2.0

photo compress 2.0_

This app comes with user interface simple, easy to use. Even so, the features offered are quite complete, because the application can produce pretty good compressed photos. Another advantage, this application is also free from annoying ads. Here are the steps to use Photo Compress 2.0:

  • Download application on the Google Play Store via these links
  • Once installed, open the app and you will get 3 main menus: gallery, camera and compress and resize multi photo
  • You can select the photos you want to reduce resize via gallery, or you can take a new photo from camera
  • Once the photo is selected, you can adjust sizeaccording to the desired way tap knob compressthen sliding slide which is available. Remember, the higher the compression size, the lower the quality of the photo
  • If you have determined the quality of the compress, you tap button compressfor the resulting photo will appear at the top. Tap part exit, then the photo will be saved automatically. For those of you who want to shrink a lot of photos, just enter the menu Mpress and resize multiple photo

Those are some ways to reduce photo size to 200 KB that you can try. You can use an Android app or open a photo editing site online to speed up the results of compressed photos.

However, if you feel the quality of the photo is still lacking, you can try toedit photos manually using a photo editing application on a PC such as Adobe Photoshop and the like. Hopefully this article is useful and useful for you.

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