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Here are 3 ways to restart real HP easily and quickly


realme is one of the HP manufacturers from China which is quite well-known in the Indonesian market. realme always tries to offer its newest realme cellphones with quite capable quality and capabilities, but at prices that remain affordable.

At first, realme was a sub-brand of OPPO which then broke away in 2018 by building its own ecosystem under the auspices of BBK. electronics. Realme has proven this by launching its own interface, namely Realme UI replacing OPPO’s ColorOS since mid-2020.

When this article was created, Realm has used the Realme UI 3.0 interface which is based on the Android 12 operating system. This interface brings several changes that will make its users more comfortable.

However, there are also not a few users who feel confused about this update, especially regarding how to turn off the power or turn it on.restart The HP realm. Due to turning off the power orrestart it is one of the important actions, especially when the HP starts to slow down, of course you should know about these changes.

Well, roughly, how do you-restart HP realme interface version realme UI 3.0 using a combination button? Or is there a way torestart HP realm without using a combination button? The answer is yes. This article will discuss how torestart HP realme with and without using combination keys.

The real cellphone tested in this article is the Narzo 50 5G realm with the realme UI 3.0 interface version. However, other HP realms that don’t offer a similar version, usually the method won’t be too much different.

Without further ado, here are the methods that you can use, so, read this article to the end, OK?

Face me-restart HP realm Using Combination Keys

The first method that is most common and widely used by Android phones, including realme, is to use the power button combination. At first, realme could easilyrestart or turn off the power by simply long pressing the power button.

However, after using realme UI 3.0, the power button must be combined with the volume up button. For more details, please refer to the following method.

  • The first step that must be taken is to ensure that there are no applications that are still running, close all of these applications
  • On the home screen page, press and hold the power button together with the volume up button
  • After that several actions will appear that can be selected, namely “Emergency”, “Restart”, “Power off”, and “Lock screen”.
restart HP realme
  • Select “Restart” to start doing restart
  • Wait until your HP realm comes back to life.

Even though this method is very easy and fast, in fact this method has drawbacks. One of them is the power and volume buttons which have the risk of wearing out or breaking quickly if used frequently. Well, for taking action restart on HP it’s important to do it regularly, then you have to do it another way.

The good news is you can still do it restart without having to use the power and volume buttons. How to? Check out some of the ways that we have summarized torestart HP realme without using the power and volume combination button.

Face me-restart HP realm without using a combination key

The following are some alternatives that can be done torestart HP realm without using the combination button.

1. Using Accessibility Features

The first way that can be used is to take advantage of the accessibility features on your HP realm. However, before using this feature, you must first activate this feature so that it can be used. So, here’s how to enable accessibility features.

  • The first step to take is to enter “Settings” either via the app or the notification bar at the top
  • Search and select “System settings
restart HP realme
  • Then select “Accessibility” which is there
restart HP realme
  • Enter the menu “Accessibility menu
restart HP realme
  • After that, press toggle capsule-shaped next to the inscription “Shortcut
restart HP realme
  • If this accessibility feature is already on, an icon will appear accessibility with three green dots on the bottom right. Please click on the icon.
  • After clicking, several menu options will appear, please select the menu “Power” which is on the top right side.
restart HP realme
  • After that, select Restart” to start the process restart on your HP realm.
restart HP realme
  • Wait for the process restart until it’s finished.

2. Using Third Party Applications

Another way that can be used to restart your HP realm without using the power button is to use the help of third-party applications. You can easily find these applications on the Google Play Store. Well, here is an example of an application that you can use as an alternative.

Shutdown (no root)

restart hp xiaomi

This Shutdown application has a function that is not much different from the power button. This application can help restart your HP realm or just turn off the power without using the power button.

Apart from that, this application is also very easy and practical to use because it doesn’t really have many features other than turning off and restarting or restarting your cellphone. That way, you don’t have to be confused about choosing an option or have to set it up beforehand to use it.

Restart/Reboot Power Menu

restart hp xiaomi

This application made by SugarStudios also has a function similar to the previous application. As a special application for restarting or turning off the power, the features it has are also not many. Just like the functions of the power and volume buttons on realme cellphones, this application can also turn on airplane mode, vibrate mode, restart, and turn off the power.

Assistive Touch For Android

restart hp xiaomi

This last alternative application is slightly different from the previous application. Instead of only having a function to restart and turn off the power like the power and volume buttons, this application is more like iPhone’s Assistive Touch, hence the name of this application is Assistive Touch for Android.

Having a display design similar to the iPhone’s Assistive Touch makes your HP realm a little cooler as if it had the iPhone’s features. In addition, the convenience offered by the features is also quite a lot, including the power button which functions to restart or turn off the power of your HP realm without using buttons.

Well, here are some ways torestart Your real cellphone uses a combination key and without using a combination key. Take action restart on HP, we highly recommend maintaining the performance of the HP. However, using the power button is very risky.

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