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Interesting, here are 5 ways to take screenshots on the Vivo Y36 and Y36 5G cellphones


vivo Y36 Series is one of Vivo’s best Y series. This series will be available in May 2023 filled with two models, namely the 4G version of the Vivo Y36 and the 5G Vivo Y36 which will be available in June 2023. For daily activities, these two cellphones use the Android 13 operating system with the FunTouch OS 13 interface.

The capabilities and features offered by Funtouch OS 13 are quite diverse and interesting. One is to do screenshot if you want to save information or pictures. Interestingly, the Vivo Y36 and Y36 5G have several ways that can be used to do this screenshot.

Unfortunately, not all users know that there are many ways to do it screenshot. So, if you are a Vivo Y36 and Y36 5G HP user and don’t know how. Please see this article to the end because it will discuss how to do it screenshot easily on the HP Vivo Y36 and Y36 5G.

Way to do Screenshot on the HP Vivo Y36 and Y36 5G

There are at least five ways to do this screenshot on the HP Vivo Y36 and Y36 5G. Interestingly, none of these methods require third-party applications. That is, you can use it directly or activate it through the application settings. Here are five ways to do it screenshot easily.

1. Cara Screenshot Using Physical Key Combinations

live Y36

One way to do screenshot the most common is to use a combination of physical keys. This method is arguably the most widely used, especially for Android cellphone users. One of the reasons is because it is easy to remember and practical to use.

Just like other Vivo cellphones, the Vivo Y36 and Y36 5G also use the same physical button combination. You just need to press knob power and volume down simultaneously to do screenshot.

If successful, usually your Redmi Note 12 Series HP screen will flash and make a sound. After that, you will see a preview of the results screenshot it is at the bottom left. You can ignore it until it disappears because the image will automatically be saved in your cellphone gallery.

Do screenshot using this key combination is indeed quite easy and practical. Unfortunately, this method has drawbacks if used too often. Physical buttons have a risk of being damaged quickly if they are used too often, even if you use them carefully or slowly.

To avoid this risk, there are several alternatives or other methods that can be used to do so screenshot. Other methods are still relatively easy and practical to use. Because it does not require any third party application.

2. Cara Screenshot Via Control Center

In addition to using the physical buttons, way screenshot the most popular and widely used also is through the control center. This method is fairly easy and practical to use because you don’t have to activate it before using it.

In addition, almost all Androids already use this method, including the Vivo Y36 and Y36 5G. The way to do it is not much different. It’s just that, usually every cellphone has a different layout or icon appearance, according to the interface used. So, for the HP Vivo Y36 and Y36 5G, please refer to the following steps.

  • The first way to do is open control center on your HP vivo Y36 and Y36 5G first.
  • You can swipe down from the top of the screen using one finger.
  • Once open, please press the icon with a square-like shape with the letter S in the center and has the words “S-captureunder it.
  • Then press the icon in the middle with the text “Long screenshot”.
  • If successful, the HP screen will flash and preview the results screenshot the.
  • You can ignore the preview or get rid of it immediately because the image will automatically be saved in your cellphone gallery.

3. Cara Screenshot Using 3 Finger Gestures

Cara screenshot The next thing that is becoming increasingly popular for Android cellphone users is using the three-finger gesture. As a Vivo Y36 and Y36 5G user, you can also use this method. However, before you can use it, you must activate the feature first through the application settings.

The method that must be used is also not too difficult. To be clearer, please refer to the following steps.

  • The first thing to do is to open the application Settings or Arrangement on the HP Vivo Y36 and Y36 5G.
  • After that, please search and select the menu “Shortcuts & accessibility”.
  • At the very top, please select the menu “S-capture” as another name for screenshot belongs to Vivo.
  • Then, please press toggle next to the inscription “Swipe down using three fingers to take a screenshot” to activate it.
  • You can also press toggle next to the inscription “Screenshot floating window” to display a preview of the results screenshot.
  • Once active, please look for information or pages to save.
  • To do screenshotswipe down on your cellphone screen using three fingers simultaneously.
  • If successful, the screen will flash and show a preview of the result screenshot the.

4. Cara Screenshot Use Easy Touch or Easy Touch

Based on Funtouch OS 13 and Android 13, Vivo Y36 and Y36 5G offer a variety of interesting features. Of course these features have functions that are quite useful for daily activities. One such feature is Easy touch or simple touch.

This feature functions as a shortcut to access applications or other features more quickly. Interestingly, this display looks similar to the iPhone’s Assistive Touch with its elegant black and white round shape. Here are the steps to enable the feature Easy touch or easy touch on vivo Y36 and Y36 5G.

  • The first way is to open the application Arrangement first.

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