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List of Default Applications or Bloatware on realme HP


As a cellphone with a new status, it is certain that this cellphone has various types of default applications. The application is usually installed immediately by itself. This is quite reasonable for a new cell phone, including HP realm.

These installed applications are known as Bloatware. Bloatware itself is defined as software (software) or default application. For some people, maybe these applications are considered annoying, especially because they actually take up storage space.

However, some of these built-in applications actually have functions or uses for the performance of a cellphone. Therefore, there are several applications that cannot or cannot be deleted. Because, if the application is deleted, there will be damage or malfunctions on the cellphone.

So, what are the default applications on the HP realm? Then what is the function of the application? Here are some lists of default HP applications or bloatware and their functions. Listen to the end, OK?

List and Functions of Default Applications realm

Realme Narzo 50 5G

Now, Realme already has its own interface, namely RealmUI. However, this realm UI is not truly independent, but is developed based on ColorOS 7. That way, not all default applications or bloatware on realme HP come from realmeUI, but also come from ColorOS. Here are some Bloatware on realme HP.

This application certainly functions to make a call using the provider card used. You can also make calls using a special code from the provider. Then, you can see the call activity that has occurred. Based on its function, this application cannot be removed from your HP realm.

This application functions to carry out conversations in the form of SMS or MMS. Just like the phone application, this application cannot be deleted from your cellphone.

This application has the function to access or visit websites on the internet. To use it, you need internet quota or WiFi. Actually, this default application can be removed, because there are other applications that are similar to browsers that can be used.

Of course, this application has a function to store various files such as photos, videos or GIFs. Even though there are other applications that can replace Gallery, it’s better not to delete this default application so that no damage occurs to the cellphone or the files on it.

It’s only natural for a cellphone to have a built-in camera application. You can use this application to take pictures or record events around you. This default application cannot be removed from your real cellphone.

This application is an alternative application for searching and downloading other applications. As a default application, of course this application is very safe to use. It’s just that, not infrequently this application displays advertisements so that users are often disturbed. However, you can delete this application and use another application as an alternative.

This default application is very useful for managing various systems on HP.

As the name implies, this application functions to show time information. Apart from that, you can also use features stopwatch, timeretc.

This application actually has a good function for your HP realm. This application is tasked with managing your cellphone by cleaning storage, scanning viruses, managing applications, and so on. You can delete this application, but it will pose a risk to the security of your real cellphone.

This application has almost the same function as Gallery. However, this application has more functions. You can store various types of files in this application, from photos, videos, documents, audio, and so on.

This application has a function to store contacts containing cellphone numbers, office numbers, addresses, and so on. Because it has quite an important function, this application cannot be removed from your HP realm.

You can use this recorder application to record sound only. You can save, listen, and share the audio recordings.

This application has a function that is quite important for users who need it. Because, this application can help in showing directions, determining coordinates, and so on.

As the name implies, this application has a function as a calculator. You can use it as a tool for calculating numbers or numbers available in the application.

This one application has a function that is quite interesting. You can transfer data quickly and safely with other devices. The data sent can be in the form of contacts, messages, system data, applications, and so on.

This one application functions to lock your real HP screen. You can use this application to save button state power or if the button is no longer working.

This application has a very useful function, especially for those of you who often travel abroad. This is because this application will provide data packages from local operators in various countries. That way, you can access the internet in that country without a SIM card.

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