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Without Complicated, Here Are 2 Ways To Restart All Types Of Xiaomi Cellphones


Your Xiaomi cellphone becomes slow but confused how to fix it? Want to restart but worry that all your HP data will be lost? Don’t worry, me-restart HP will not delete all existing data, evenrestart HP regularly can actually restore HP performance, you know.

There’s nothing wrong withrestart HP regularly, for example once a day, so that the condition of the cellphone remains stable, especially for those of you who are still using an old Xiaomi cellphone. Due to problems like lagwithhangand so on are still often found by old HP Xiaomi users.

Actually, this action is not only for old Xiaomi HP users, but for the latest Xiaomi HP users as well, because the functionrestart HP is not just that. As additional information, restart or restart is a process to turn off and restart an HP automatically.

All running programs or applications will be closed if you do restart. Cache that accumulate and are stored in RAM will also be deleted automatically so it is not surprising that the performance and performance of your Xiaomi cellphone will feel smoother and lighter.

Some of you may be still confused about how torestart or restart your Xiaomi cellphone. But don’t worry, because this article will discuss how torestart Xiaomi cellphones either use the power button or without the power button.

Without further ado, please read this article to the end, OK?

How to Restart Xiaomi HP Using the Power Button

The first method is the most common and often used by Android phones, especially Xiaomi to downloadrestart or restart is by using the power button or power button. This power button usually has a physical form in other words the button will drain power when the button is pressed.

Currently, Xiaomi has released a new product that combines the power button with a fingerprint sensor. By combining the fingerprint sensor and the power button, the HP design becomes thinner and easier to press.

  • Here is how torestart Xiaomi cellphones use the power button.
  • Before turning off your Xiaomi cellphone, make sure there are no applications running in the background
  • From the home screen, press and hold the power button until several menus appear
  • In the menu there are four options, namely airplane mode, silent mode, restart (restart), and dead force.
restart hp xiaomi
  • Please select restart to restartrestart Your Xiaomi phone
  • Wait for the process restart finished until your Xiaomi cellphone comes back to life.

Disadvantages of Restarting HP Using the Power Button

Even though the actionrestart HP is needed to maintain the performance of the cellphone, but if you use the power button too often, there will be a risk that the button will wear out and be damaged quickly.

However, there is no need to panic, because there are other ways to restart or restart.restart Your Xiaomi cellphone safely without using the power button. How to do it, here’s how torestart Xiaomi cellphone without using the power button.

How to restart a Xiaomi cellphone without using the power button

In order to avoid damage to the power button, the button has now been joined by a very useful fingerprint sensor. So, from now on use some of the methods below as an alternative. Well, to find out how, please see the list below, yes.

1. Using Shortcut Ball

Xiaomi has an interesting special feature that is Shortcut Ball which has many uses, one of which is to helprestart HP without using the power button. Well, before you can use this feature, you must first activate it through settings in the following way.

  • Open “Settings” via the app or notification bar at the top
  • Then scroll down and select “Additional settings”
screenshot xiaomi redmi note 10s
screenshot xiaomi redmi note 10s
  • To activate it, please press toggle in the form of a capsule next to the words “Turn on the shortcut ball”
  • To set the Shortcut ball, press “Select shortcut” below it
screenshot xiaomi redmi note 10s
  • Change one of the existing shortcuts to “Long press the power button”
restart hp xiaomi

After successfully activating the Short ball, please go back and close all running applications to process restart smoother without any problems.

  • From the main screen page, press the Shortcut ball next to your Xiaomi cellphone screen, then select the icon in the form of power or power
  • Just like before, there will appear four options that you can choose, namely airplane mode, silent mode, restart (restart), and dead force.
  • Please select restart to restartrestart Your HP
  • Wait for the process to complete until the Xiaomi cellphone comes back to life.

2. Set On & Off Schedule

In addition to using Shortcut Balls, you can alsorestart Your cellphone without using the power button by creating an on and off schedule for your Xiaomi cellphone. That way, your Xiaomi cellphone will turn off automatically and come back to life according to a pre-arranged schedule.

Well, curious how to do it? here’s how.

  • Open “Settings” via the app or notification bar at the top
  • After that, please type in the search field “Schedule power on/off” and select
restart hp xiaomi
  • Once open, activate toggle which is next to the words “Power on time” and “Power off time”
restart hp xiaomi
  • Set the power on and off of your Xiaomi cellphone and set the repeat for every day so you don’t have to bother resetting the schedule.
  • After that, press the tick in the top right to save the schedule.

3. Using Third Party Applications

The last method you can use torestart Xiaomi cellphones without using the power button are with the help of third-party applications. You can search for these applications on the Google Play Store. Well, here is an example of an application that you can use as an alternative.

Shutdown (no root)

restart hp xiaomi

This Shutdown app has a very similar function to the power button. This application can help you torestart Your Xiaomi cellphone or just turn it off. In addition, this application is also very easy to use because it does not have many features other than turning it off and on.restart or restart your phone.

Restart/Reboot Power Menu

restart hp xiaomi

This application made by SugarStudios also has a function similar to the previous application. As a special application forrestart or turn off the power, then it has not many features. Just like the power button, this Restart / Reboot Power Menu application can turn on airplane mode, vibrate mode, restartand turn off the power.

Assistive Touch For Android

restart hp xiaomi

This application is different from the previous application. Instead of only having a function torestart and turn off the power like the power button, this application is more like Xiaomi’s shortcut ball and of course the iPhone’s Assistive Touch.

Having a display design similar to the iPhone’s Assistive Touch makes your Xiaomi cellphone a little cooler. In addition, the convenience offered by its features are also many, including the power button which functions torestart or turn off the power of your Xiaomi cellphone.

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