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15 Free Movie Watch Sites to Replace LK21 and IndoXXI


IndoXXI is one such site streaming an illegal film that was closed by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) in early 2020. It is illegal because the films uploaded on the site are pirated films or distributed without a permit. Even so, there are already very many users of the IndoXXI site in Indonesia and feel lost over the closure of the site.

One of the reasons why many people watch movies on sites and applications streaming illegal is free. Yes, sites streaming this illegal does not charge fees to its users because it fully relies on it income which derive from ads aka advertising.

To support filmmakers, we can stop watching movies streaming on illegal sites like IndoXXI. There are several free movie watching sites that can be an alternative to IndoXXI. The following is a list of recommendations for legal movie viewing sites.

1. saw


Saw is one site streaming legal who had broadcast Korean dramas with rating highest, “The World of the Married” or what is known as “A World of Married Couple”. Unmitigated, Viu broadcasts it live up to dateonly delay just a few hours from its broadcast in South Korea.

Viu users are increasing after its competitor, HOOQ, officially closes. Many people are interested in using Viu because platform it gives free access. Unfortunately, the more you come here the more movies on Viu that you can only watch after you become membership premium.

Although not completely free, subscription fees for Viu are still more affordable than Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Moreover, Viu also provides an application that allows you to watch movies from smartphone.

2. Viki


Currently, Asian films are in great demand in Indonesia, especially Korean dramas. IndoXXI actually also provides Asian films such as Korean, Taiwanese or Thai films. An alternative to IndoXXI if you want to watch Asian films legally and for free is Viki.

Site streaming Rakuten’s property will not charge subscription fees. You also don’t need to create an account first. Directly select the movie you want to watch, click “Play”, and watch the movie you chose.

Viki alwaysupdate its site with latest movies. So, you don’t need to worry about this site providing old movies, okay! Even if it’s free, Viki still delivers service best for all users really! Those of you who are looking for an application to watch Korean dramas can also rely on Viki.

3. Saw

world cup 2022 video

Saw it is service streaming which offers local and international TV channels, the best movies and series as well as interesting and entertaining videos. So far, the content offered by Vidio is quite diverse and is quite actively updated to present new content.

Apart from offering paid packages, Vidio also provides a number of content that can be enjoyed free of charge, including several Korean drama titles. Interestingly, there are subscription packages on Vidio that are available weekly, so it can be an option for users who want to try watching premium content on Vidio first.

4. iQIYI


iQIYI is service streaming other legal offering a number of content titles with episodes that can be played for free. However, you will have to wait for the ad to finish if you want to watch free titles on iQIYI. If this doesn’t bother you, the free content on iQIYI is definitely enough.

If you are an anime lover, iQIYI also provides several popular anime titles that are free to access anytime and anywhere. For example, One Piece, Haikyuu, Sword Art Online, and Digimon are on iQiYi. If users want to be able to watch the newest and most popular content first, iQIYI offers VIP service with high video quality!

5. TV


TV is one of the places to watch dramas, movies, and variety show reliable original and popular. Apart from offering a fairly affordable subscription fee, WeTV also offers free viewing options for some of its content titles.

Apart from various series titles from China and Korea, WeTV also has several popular anime titles, such as One Punch-Man and Attack on Titan. You can also find several Indonesian film titles on WeTV. His YouTube channel even has series episodes that can be watched for free.

6. Vision+


Previously Vision+ named MNC Now and started using its current name since 2020. Vision+ offers shows from channel local and premium, ranging from sports broadcasts, movies box officeentertainment shows, dramas, and so forth.

Thousands of hours of Indonesian and international films and TV series available on Vision+ consist of various genre, such as comedy, romance, family, action, or horror. You can also watch a number of Korean drama titles that are quite popular on Vision+, especially dramas that are aired on the tvN channel.



Catchplay is a film distributor company originating from Taiwan and present in Indonesia in 2016. The selection of content offered on CATCHPLAY+ quite diverse. Apart from paid content and rentals, CATCHPLAY+ also provides a variety of content that can be accessed free of charge.

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