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3 Ways to Transcribe YouTube Videos on Laptops and Cellphones


YouTube transcriptions are now key to accessibility and reach for viewers. Utilizing the transcription feature can help make it easier for creators to reach a larger audience and provide a better experience. Audiences will also be helped, because it is easy to change video content via transcription.

This time, I will invite you to find out various ways to transcribe YouTube videos. Come on, see the full discussion below.

Making a YouTube video transcript is not difficult. You can do this in various ways. One of them is through features provided directly by YouTube. Let's look at the review!

1. Lewat Website YouTube

You can practice this method using a laptop or computer. Following are the steps that can be followed:

  • Open the YouTube site at browser on your laptop/computer.
  • Find the video you want to retrieve a transcript from. For example, I chose one of the TedX videos.
  • Play the video and scroll to the description column. Search for options “More” which is marked with three vertical dots.
how to transcribe YouTube videos 1-1 copy_how to transcribe YouTube videos 1-1 copy_
  • Press options “Show transcript”.
how to transcribe YouTube videos 2-1_how to transcribe YouTube videos 2-1_
  • The video transcript will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • Please copy the section you want, or the entire text. Do this by-highlight transcript text that appears on the screen. So, copy as usual.
how to transcribe YouTube videos 3-1_how to transcribe YouTube videos 3-1_
how to transcribe YouTube videos 4-1_how to transcribe YouTube videos 4-1_

You also get a transcript of the YouTube video.

You can also use this method on the YouTube application on a cellphone with Android OS or iPhone. Apart from this method, you can use another YouTube video transcription method which I will discuss in the next point. Keep listening, OK?

2. Use a third party website

There are many website third parties that you can rely on to transcribe YouTube videos. One of them is Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Select and copy the link of the video you want to transcribe from YouTube.
  • Please open the website and paste the video link in the column provided.
  • Press the button “Get video transcript”.
tactiq - transkrip youtube 1_tactiq - transkrip youtube 1_
  • A video transcript will appear on the next page. You can copy it directly or download the transcript from
tactiq - transkrip youtube 2-11_tactiq - transkrip youtube 2-11_

3. Via application on Android cellphone

There are Android apps that you can use to transcribe YouTube videos. One of them is Transcriptor – Transcribe Speech to Text. This is how to use it:

  • Download and run Transcriptor application from Google Play Store.
  • On the homepage, please select the video transcription option via YouTube link.
transcriptor 1-1_transcriptor 1-1_
  • Copy and paste the YouTube video link that you want to transcribe to the Transcriber application.
  • Press the button “Transcribe”.
transcriptor 2-1_transcriptor 2-1_
  • On the next page, please select the language and type of transcription according to the needs. I chose standard transcription for the example.
  • Press the button “Transcribe” to start the transcription process.
transcriptor 3-1_transcriptor 3-1_
  • In a few seconds, scroll down the screen to see the transcription results. The results can only appear for 5 minutes on the free application service. On this page, you can edit and translate the video transcript.
transcriptor 4-1_transcriptor 4-1_
  • You can also download the transcription results by pressing the down arrow button at the bottom left of the screen.
  • There are download options available in several file formats, including PDF. You can download the transcription text only, or with the timestamp and speaker.
transcriptor 5-1_transcriptor 5-1_

This text-to-speech application can be downloaded for free. However, this free service is only available for 90 minutes. It has quite a lot of features and is quite useful. Please consider subscribing to a paid service to enjoy all its features.

These are several ways to transcribe YouTube videos that you can do easily. Please choose the method that you feel best suits your needs.

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