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This is an easy way to take screenshots on the HP Realme C53 NFC


In June 2023, Realme officially launched one of its flagship cellphones in the cheap HP class, namely the C53 NFC realm. The reason is, this cellphone has several sectors that are quite interesting. Starting from the appearance and the new features it brings.

On the back, the C53 NFC realm is reminiscent of the iPhone 14 Series design, especially in the module section. Not only the display, the C53 NFC realm also introduces a unique feature called “Mini Capsule”. This feature is similar to Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro and is something new for Android phones.

These unique features make it a lot of attention, especially young people. Well, the C53 NFC realm is indeed interesting in terms of features, one of which is to do it screenshot. Did you know that there are several ways you can do this screenshot on this phone?

If you are new to using the HP Realme C53 NFC or are new to using a brand HP Realme, it might be a little difficult to do this screenshot. For this reason, this time the Caris Signal team has prepared several ways to do this screenshot on the HP realm C53 NFC. Please read this article to the end, OK?

Way to do Screenshot on the HP realm C53 NFC

At least, there are 6 ways you can do the C53 NFC relay screenshot. Take it easy, everything can be done easily without the need for any additional applications. So, to make it clearer, please refer to several ways screenshot on the following HP realm C53 NFC.

1. Cara Screenshot Using Physical Keys

realme c53 nfc camera_

The first way is the most common way to do it screenshot. In a way, all Android cellphone brands usually use a key combination to do this screenshot. So, don’t be surprised if this method is the method most often used by Android cellphone users.

Well, for the C53 NFC realm, you can press knob power and volume down simultaneously. If successful, the screen will flash and display the result screenshot on the right or bottom left.

If screenshot doesn’t work, chances are you didn’t press at the right time. Meanwhile, if a menu appears to turn off the cellphone, maybe you pressed it too long or even just pressed one button, namely the button power.

2. Cara Screenshot Through Control Panel

The second way is also often used to do screenshot is through control panel. This method is also no less easy than the first method, therefore there are still many who use this method when they want to save important information by doing screenshot.

  • Well, the way is to open first control panel or the notification bar on your HP Realme C53 NFC.
  • You can do this by swiping down from the top edge of the screen.
  • After that, you just have to press the icon screenshot which usually has a picture of scissors with the words “Screenshot”.
  • After that, control panel will disappear and the screen will flash to commit screenshot.
  • This icon can be used not only to capture the image on the screen as a whole.
  • You can also do screenshot long or Scrolling screenshot and take up part of the screen or Partial screenshot.
  • The method is also not too different from before, you have to open it control panel on the HP realm C53 NFC first.
  • Then, instead of pressing the icon screenshot picture of scissors, you have to press the name at the bottom, namely “Screenshot”.
  • After that, you can freely choose from “Scrolling screenshot” to capture the screen image lengthwise, or “Partial screenshot” to capture some of the information on the screen.

3. Cara Screenshot Using Gestures and Gestures

Apart from the two methods above, there is one other method that is often used by Android users, including the C53 NFC realm, namely using gestures and movements. This method is considered easier than other methods because all you have to do is make a special gesture or movement to do it screenshot.

  • However, before using this method, you must activate the feature first through the application Settings or Settings.
  • So, please open the app Settings or Arrangement on your HP Realme C53 NFC first.
  • After that, select the menu “Additional Settings”.

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