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Telkomsel’s Urban Mobility Solution Wins GTI Awards


Telkomsel won the award for the category Innovative Mobile Service and Application Award at the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) Awards 2023, thanks to solutions Intelligent Urban Mobility developed to help businesses and governments analyze population mobility.

Based on an official statement received on Sunday (12/03/2023), IT Director of Telkomsel Bharat Alva said Telkomsel thanked the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) Awards 2023 for the appreciation given by Telkomsel.

“This award proves Telkomsel’s commitment as digital ecosystem enabler in strengthening the national digital ecosystem through the use of advanced technology, customer centricand collaborative,” he said.

Telkomsel GTI Awards 2023

Solution Intelligent Urban Mobility those who receive the 2023 GTI Awards can assist corporations and governments in analyzing population movements and demography through utilization big data analytics from telco data insight.


Technology can also be used to assist decision making and policy development in a more effective and targeted manner.

Since 2018, solutions Intelligent Urban Mobility has been able to handle and serve service requests from corporate customers and government related Mobility Insights useful for statistical decision support in the transport, tourism, advertising, retailer, property/land.

Intelligent Urban Mobility built by taking into account aspects of data governance and security. This solution processes telco data insight through analysis location trajectory to understand movement patterns and provide mobility insight.

Through solutions Intelligent Urban Mobility, Telkomsel has presented several services, such as MSIGHT and MSIGHT has several features, such as Telco Risk Insight and Lifestyle Insight. Telco Risk Insight focuses on providing insights related to financial risk based on customer profile analysis.

Then Lifestyle Insight focus on providing insight related to digital lifestyles, such as customer interest based on mobile activities, such as SMS, telephone, internet, streamingand gaming.

Then, is all-in-one digital survey platform which has the ability to target respondents with accuracy and the widest reach through utilization telco data insight Telkomsel.


“Telkomsel will continue to encourage new innovations and optimize the utilization of Telkomsel’s ecosystem assets and capabilities in creating more opportunities,” concluded Bharat Alva.

The presentation of the award received by Telkomsel at the 2023 GTI Awards was held to coincide with the 2023 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona some time ago.

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