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Samsung patents a dual-screen laptop, similar to the Asus ZenBook Fold


Samsung seems to be working on a dual screen laptop. This was revealed from a new patent registered by Samsung, which shows a laptop design with a flexible screen. At first glance it looks like the Asus ZenBook Fold.

The patent images were spotted by 91Mobiles and reveal that the South Korean tech giant may be working on a dual-screen laptop.

If you take a quick look at the Samsung patent image, the dual-screen laptop being worked on has a number of similarities with the Asus ZenBook Fold laptop model.

For those who don’t know, the ZenBook Fold series laptop made by a PC maker from Taiwan is a laptop that has a 17.3-inch screen that can be folded.


This design allows the laptop to be used in the form of a single monitor panel, or as a laptop or even a tablet, depending on whether or not you fold it or use it with a wireless keyboard.

In other words, we can expect that Samsung will also offer similar functionality with this patented device. Though there is one major difference between the ZenBook Fold and Samsung’s patented new device.

The difference this dual-screen laptop Samsung seems to offer keyboard physical on half the screen. This keyboard uses less space in one corner of the screen.

This means that even though it has a fully folded screen, this laptop doesn’t have a complete screen surface. So the part that accommodates keyboard can serve as a secondary display.

Samsung Dual Screen Laptop


This device may be functionally more similar to the ZenBook Pro Duo which is a laptop dual display from Asus. On the side keyboard there is a small room that can function as touchpad on laptops.

Unfortunately, the patent does not reveal more detailed information about the device, and no specifications are listed either. So just wait for further news. [FY/HBS]

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