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Developer Leaks About Google’s Folding Smartphone, What’s It Like?



After Samsung and several of its colleagues plunged into the realm of folding smartphones, now it’s Google’s turn, which is rumored to be following a similar path.

Rumor has it that the tech giant may be planning a new Pixel foldable smartphone and tablet Pro, and the new hardware has already been spotted in the Android 13 code.

In the first developments of Google’s quarterly Android 13 platform release, developers have seen the detachable Pixel tablet and the rumored Pixel foldable.


The developer has already spotted a “Felix” foldable device, with a 64MP Sony IMX787 main sensor and a 10.8MP Samsung S5K3J1 telephoto lens on the back of the phone.

Citing on Sunday (11/09/2022), this device is known to also adopt an 8MP Sony IMX355 sensor (the same one used by the Pixel 6A) on the inside.

For matters of form factor, the smartphone is said to be able to be folded horizontally like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

According to Cuban developer Wojciechowski, Google released the first beta for Android 13 QPR1 beta and with it a lot of updated code. This includes a new camera driver as well as some details about upcoming Google products, including foldable smartphones, tablets and more.

“Until now, we knew about two foldable devices from Google – the passport and the pincher,” he said.

It added, the status for the first has been cancelled, but the status of the others is unknown.


“Recently we heard that screen production for their foldable screen will start in 4 months,” said the developer.

Google hasn’t provided any comments yet. The company will be holding a Pixel 7 launch event on October 6. So, let’s just wait!

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