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OpenAI Boss Afraid ChatGPT Will Replace Human Jobs


The presence of ChatGPT has raised concerns for OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, because he is afraid that ChatGPT’s sophistication can replace human work and be used for crime.

In an interview with ABC News as quoted The telephone from Gizmochina on Monday (20/3/2023), the OpenAI boss admitted that he was a little afraid of the sophistication of AI chatbots like ChatGPT because it could eliminate human work.

Altman acknowledged that humans have the ability to adapt to technology. However, rapid technological changes can create significant challenges for humans.


For example, the sophistication of ChatGPT, which according to him has the potential to replace human jobs, thus affecting the unemployment rate.

Another fear is that ChatGPT is used for crimes such as spreading large-scale disinformation or offensive cyberattacks.

Even though ChatGPT is currently highly controlled by humans, there is a risk that other individuals or organizations may not apply the same security margins thereby potentially giving rise to cybercrimes, using ChatGTP.

The OpenAI CEO also suggested that people think about how to regulate and deal with the potential impact of AI technologies such as ChatGPT. The goal is not to abuse ChatGPT or become victims of AI technology-based crimes.

Overall, Altman’s comments highlight the complex and often unpredictable nature of AI technology and the potential impact it can have on society.

While AI has the potential to revolutionize many industries and improve our lives in many ways, it also poses significant challenges and risks that need to be addressed.


As AI continues to evolve and become more advanced, it is important that society considers and manages its impact carefully. Previously OpenAI recently launched a ChatGPT-4 bot version.

AI technology that the company claims is more creative and collaborative than previous versions. Then OpenAI also launched a ChatGPT Plus subscription for users, offering early access to new features including access to GPT-4 technology. [FY/HBS]

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