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6 Apps to Learn Programming Languages ​​for Kids, Learn Coding!


Currently there are quite a lot of programming language learning applications available for children or coding for children. In this article, we recommend a children’s programming learning application that can be used to learn coding for beginners.

Yes, these tools are very useful for training children to teenagers to hone their coding skills so they are ready to face the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 in Indonesia.

Coding or programming language is one of the keys to success in getting to that era. Learning coding or programming languages ​​is no longer closely related to adults who work in the IT world.

Even children can now learn coding from an early age, and of course in a more exciting way. Usually programming is synonymous with activities that are enough to drain one’s concentration and mindset.

Very inversely proportional to the habits of children who tend to want to play or try fun things. For this reason, parents can introduce coding through programming language learning applications for children.

Well, this time the team The telephone will share several programming language learning applications for children that you can use for your children. Curious? Let’s see more!


What is a Programming or Coding Language?

Learn coding programming language for kids

Simply put, coding is an instruction to instruct the computer to perform certain functions. This programming language consists of a set of syntax and semantic rules that are used to define computer programs.

The main function of the programming language is to command the computer to be able to process data according to the steps or logic of the solution that has been made by the programmer.

For example, such as what data will be stored or forwarded, which data to process, what steps must be taken, and so on.

At least, there are three levels in programming or coding languages. Here’s a brief explanation:

1. Low-Level

Low-level or low-level programming languages ​​contain instructions addressed to the computer using binary code or known as machine language.

The coding can be directly translated or run by a computer without having to go through the compilation process first. But due to the very limited complexity of instructions, programmers hardly write programs using machine language.

2. Mid-Level

Middle-level programming languages ​​are instructions in the form of mnemonic codes, such as ADD, SUB, DIV, STOLOD, JMP, and others.

However, languages ​​at this level still have to be translated into machine language first. This is because the computer only understands the use of machine code.

3. High-Level

High-level programming language that contains instructions using language that humans understand.

This type of coding includes, object-oriented programming, web-based programming, database programming, mobile application programming, and much more.

Programming Language Learning Application for Kids

Now we go into the main discussion, namely some coding learning tools for children. Team The telephone has summarized at least 6 programming or coding language learning applications for children. Come on, see more below!

1. Scratch

Children's coding learning application

The first children’s programming language application was Scratch which was developed by the MIT Media Lab company. This one platform is packaged in an attractive way so that children can learn programming in an exciting way.

This children’s programming language application teaches programming languages ​​to children in the age range of 8 to 16 years with attractive visual media. Children will be presented with a work area that includes several scripts or commands, variables, and so on.

The children only need to process their own logic, and place the scripts and variables into the work area according to their wishes.

There are also many articles with basic insights to help parents guide their children as they learn coding languages.

2. Stencyl

Programming language application for children to learn coding for children

The next coding learning application for kids is Stencyl. You can use this application on a Mac or Windows 10 device.

Stencyl is actually an application that allows children to create their own games or games. They only need to drag and drop some of the scripts provided into the work area on the main screen.

It is also possible for children to type in the code manually. Interestingly, games made on Stencyl can be played on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

3. Alice

coding app for kids

Next, Alice is a platform that introduces innovative 3D programming to children. Alice allows users to create animations through to simple interactive games.

Just like Stencyl, Alice is also very easy to use. Children as users only need to drag and drop scripts to the work area to create a program.

The scripts available in ALice also comply with standards in object-oriented programming languages, such as Java, C#, and so on.

4. Tynker

learn programming languages

The next programming language learning tool for kids is Tynker which can be accessed online. Tynker is designed to enable children to express their creative ideas in making games.

This visual programming platform makes it easy for kids to drag and drop existing scripts and variables onto the work area, while viewing their work in real-time in the same area.

Tynker is very suitable for use by parents to train the creativity of their baby. This platform also has a display that is not boring, and fun to use.

5. Waterbear

Learn a programming language

Next, there is Waterbear which also carries a visual programming language approach that is fun for children. As with other programming language learning tools, kids just need to drag and drop the code box into the work area on the main screen.

To make it easier to learn coding, children can also see examples of other creations, see each of the features provided, and even read the description for each element that will be used.

6. Hopscotch

coding app for kids
Photo: Fractured Learning

Finally, programming language learning tools for kids is Hopscotch which can be used on iPad devices. Likewise, this platform also adopts a fun visual programming language.


Children can be taught to hone their creativity and way of thinking by using this application, without having to have a basic knowledge of writing program code. Worth a try!

Well, those are some applications that can be used to learn programming languages ​​for children. Hopefully useful, and happy learning coding! (MF/HBS)

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