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Samsung Galaxy S25 Doesn’t Use Physical Buttons and No Port



┬áSamsung Galaxy S25 can be smartphone Samsung’s first one that might come without physical buttons. But for the initial stage, the model without physical buttons will be exclusively for wireless operators in South Korea.

If you remember, some previous reports have revealed the development smartphone a future that no longer uses any physical buttons.

Vivo is the first company to launch smartphone without physical buttons, known as Apex concept phones in 2019. This concept phone has no port or physical buttons.

As per a SamMobile report, Samsung may be removing all the physical buttons which include the power button and volume rocker from their future flagship phones. Even so, this smartphone without physical buttons will not be presented on the Galaxy S23.


Reportedly, a phone without physical buttons is likely to debut on the Samsung Galaxy S25 series. But even that wasn’t mass-produced to the public, because smartphone this particular model will only be made on a limited basis.

According to reports from sources at the company claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S25 series models without physical buttons may be exclusively made for KT Corporation, a wireless carrier in South Korea.

Despite launching the Galaxy S25 without buttons exclusively, but Samsung is likely to still release a “standard” Galaxy S25 model that still uses physical buttons such as smartphone at the moment.

In addition to being present without physical buttons, the Galaxy S25 exclusive variant of KT Corporation is also likely to use new software, to cover the lack of physical buttons.

As we mentioned above, Samsung is not the first vendor to develop the concept of a phone without physical buttons. In fact, a concept smartphone from Vivo that has no buttons or ports was announced several years ago.


Called Vivo Apex 2019, this concept phone was launched in January 2019 with no ports, no physical buttons, and no selfie camera. This phone relies on pressure and movement to operate it.

Vivo named the technology Touch Sense, which is a blend of capacitive touch and pressure sensing. To charge the phone used a magnetic pin on the back called MagPort which also supports data transfer.

Besides Vivo, its compatriot from China, Meizu, is also developing a similar technology. Their mobile phone is named Meizu Zero, which was unveiled at the same time as Vivo Apex 2019. Meizu Zero was also announced as a smartphone without buttons and without ports. [SN/HBS]

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