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ZTE’s Strategy to Compete in the Indonesian Smartphone Market


ZTE re-enters the Indonesian smartphone market through the ZTE Blade V40 Vita, Blade A72 and Blade A52 products. In addition, ZTE also revealed a strategy on how to compete in the Indonesian smartphone market which has been filled by many vendors such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme to Oppo.

Through a press conference on Tuesday (20/9/2022), Senior Vice President, Asia & CIS, ZTE Corporation, Mei Zhonghua explained that Indonesia is one of the potential smartphone markets, so ZTE decided to bring back the latest smartphone products.

“Indonesia is one of the largest potential markets in the region and we believe that world-class technology, as well as design user-oriented ZTE will be able to attract users in Indonesia,” said Mei Zhonghua.


Then regarding the strategy to compete in the Indonesian HP market, Mei Zhonghua said that ZTE would provide quality products to Indonesian customers.

He claims that the three newly launched products, namely the ZTE Blade V40 Vita, Blade A72 and Blade A52, are superior in terms of specifications and design, compared to other smartphones.

“I believe that our product is competitive, and has differences compared to other smartphone products such as camera technology and photography capabilities,” continued Mei Zhonghua.

ZTE’s other strategy is in terms of distribution because it cooperates with retail and smartphone distribution company Erajaya. According to the CEO of Erajaya Digital, Joy Wahjudi Erajaya has a large offline and online store.

Erajaya plans to maximize its retail network to support HP ZTE products in Indonesia.

“We are ready to provide the best support and ensure availability in as many of our stores as possible, including in our newest retail concept, Erafone and More and in the Erafone Cloud Retail Partner partnership network,” added Joy.


Then because the ZTE Blade Series is a 1 million HP and 2 million HP, the distribution of smartphones will target the consumer market in the entry level segment in Indonesia.

“We will provide Erajaya Gift Card promos and cashback programs, so that we can introduce ZTE products to the entry level segment. We will focus on retail networks that are suitable for this segment,” concluded Joy. [NM/HBS]

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