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Samsung Prepares a Bigger Cover Screen for the Galaxy Z Flip5?


Samsung has launched their foldable smartphone series, namely Galaxy Z Flip4 in 2022, with improved specifications and design. Now, information about the successor to the Z Flip5 has started rolling, and it is rumored that it will have a larger cover screen.

Smartphone foldable The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is expected to bring various changes, one of which is related to the design of the device and the cover screen which is larger than its predecessor.

From the information of a screen analyst Ross Young through TomsGuideThe upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 will come with a 3-inch cover screen. Larger than the Z Flip4 cover screen, which has a size of 1.9 inches.


The bigger cover screen on the Galaxy Z Flip series has been one of the things many users have been demanding of Samsung.

With this information, it seems that the technology giant from South Korea has received and listened to complaints from its customers. Although this information is still only a rumor, which means we still need to wait for developments.

One thing is certain, the Galaxy Z Flip5 will be even more interesting if it adopts a larger cover screen than the current version.


In addition, launch Gizmochina, with a cover screen that is getting bigger, it really allows users to see more content and of course it will be clearer when reading information through the cover screen of the device.

Apart from getting bigger cover screens, the company is also expected to be able toupgrade the screen hinge mechanism which is still quite visible becomes less visible to its users.

Until now, not much is known regarding the information of Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone, but it is likely that in the next few months there will be information regarding the device, starting from specifications, features and details. So, we wait. [FY/IF]

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