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Leave the SIM Card, iPhone 14 Series Use eSIM Technology



Apple has released the iPhone 14 Series to the public today. However, keep in mind that all of the newly launched iPhone 14 series only support Embedded SIM or eSIM for connectivity to cellular services.

Quoted The telephone from Phone Arena on Thursday (8/9/2022), Apple is continuing to work on reducing support items in the iPhone box. After removing the charger and headset cables in the previous series, this time on the iPhone 14, Apple removed the SIM ejector.

The removal of the SIM ejector is not without reason. Because Apple’s latest cellphone no longer supports SIM card technology. The Cupertino giant has replaced a physical SIM or SIM card with eSIM technology.

This means that iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max only support eSIM for connectivity. The reason is again so that Apple products are more environmentally friendly.

In addition, eSIM offers various advantages over a regular SIM card. For example, an eSIM will make it difficult for a thief to move, because it will be difficult to remove a phone number from the device, because the eSIM is embedded in the device.


In contrast, the SIM card is a physical card so it can be removed easily. Moreover, traveling will be very easy as users will easily be able to activate the appropriate eSIM of the country they are visiting.

Finally, eSIM allows users to have multiple phone numbers and data plans at once. But despite all that, Apple’s move is quite bold, considering that eSIM technology has not been widely adopted by cellular companies.


Even though eSIM technology has been around for a long time, there are still many cellular operators in the world, including in Indonesia, that still use a physical SIM for phone number ownership. Even in Indonesia itself, only Smartfren provides eSIM services for customers.

So it is predicted that the presence of the iPhone 14 will actually encourage many telecommunications companies to apply eSIM technology to customers.

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