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Astrophotography & Multi-Exposure Mode Galaxy S22 Can Take Moon Photos


Samsung will improve the camera capabilities of the Galaxy S22 by embedding two new features Astrophotography and Multi-Exposure Mode. These two new features will be presented in update the latest version of the Expert RAW application.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is arguably one of the smartphone with the best camera for low light conditions, because of the presence of advanced Nightography features.

Samsung doesn’t stop there, because it’s through update the latest version of the Expert RAW application, the South Korean company will bring Astrophotography and Multiple Exposure features to the Galaxy S22 camera. What’s great about it?


Samsung has announced that they are bringing the new Multiple Exposure and Astrophotography Mode features to the smartphone Galaxy S22 running OneUI 5.0 (via GoAndroid). In addition, Samsung also launched a new application called Camera Assistant.

Astrophotography Mode will allow users to take clear photos of dark sky objects and activities. To use this mode, users need to activate the new Sky guide feature to determine the location of celestial bodies, solar systems, and groups of stars.

After that, the camera will then use advanced AI segmentation technology and processing multi-frame based on the movement of celestial bodies to take photos over a certain period of time.

When photographing dark sky objects, Astrophotography Mode also allows the user to select a shutter speed between UW 30 sec/ W 20 sec/ H 15 sec/ ST 4 sec.

Meanwhile, Multiple-Exposure Mode allows users to take multiple pictures of the same celestial and solar system scene, and overlay them on top of one another.

This Astrophotography and Multi-Exposure Mode feature can be accessed from the Special Photos section of the latest version of the Expert RAW camera application.

Apart from that, Samsung also announced the Camera Assistant app for the Galaxy S22. This app gives users the option to enable or disable certain features in the stock camera app.

In addition, the Camera Assistant app allows users to turn off Auto HDR, soften images, change lenses automatically, record videos in photo mode, and more.


Samsung has indeed rolled out One UI 5 which brings a lot of new features for Android smartphone Galaxy S22 series, some of which feature Astrophotography and Multi-Exposure Mode.

Apart from that, there are some handy improvements that Samsung added, such as widget stack to save space on the home screen. Additionally, for devices with larger screens, such as the Galaxy Fold there is a new taskbar.

One UI 5 also combines Privacy and Security controls into one screen with automatic alerts if something suspicious happens. [FY/HBS]

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