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Shopee Launches Big Ramadan Sale 2023, There’s IDR 15 Billion THR!


Shopee Indonesia is again holding the Big Ramadan Sale 2023. At the event Shopee offers various attractive promos, one of which is the THR promo which totals up to IDR 15 billion.

Head of Marketing Growth at Shopee Indonesia, Monica Vionna said that the Big Ramadan Sale 2023 presents various program initiatives, features and attractive promos for users.

“This year’s theme is the Biggest Promo in Indonesia because it will be held from 13 March 2023 to 22 April 2023,” said Monica.

For more than 40 days, Big Ramadan Sale 2023 will provide a number of attractive programs offered by Shopee. For example, there is a Grand Flash Sale of IDR 1. As the name implies in this program, users can get various kinds of products with prices starting from 1 Rupiah.


“At the Rp1 Akbar Flash Sale, we have hundreds of products that can be purchased every day with prices starting from 1 Rupiah,” said Monica.

The next promo program is Super Powerful Free Shipping. This Shopee Ramadan promo offers benefits to users because they can get free shipping (postage), up to IDR 40,000.

“So without a minimum purchase, users can get free shipping of up to IDR 40,000,” he continued.

Another promo that is no less interesting is the Surprised THR IDR 15 Billion. Through a virtual press conference on Tuesday (14/03/2023), this promo is aimed at users who like to watch Shopee Video.

The reason is, just by watching videos every day for a certain duration, they have the opportunity to get a Hari Raya allowance, aka THR from Shopee, up to IDR 15 billion.

Promo Shopee Ramadan 2023
Head of Marketing Growth Shopee Indonesia, Monica Vionna explained about the Big Ramadan Sale 2023 promo

“THR Surprised Rp. 15 billion can be obtained by watching Shopee Video for 15 minutes every day during the Ramadan period,” explained Monica.

The reason Shopee presents attractive promos for Live connoisseurs is because this online shopping application sees an increase in audience 4 times compared to last year.

“We also see a drastic increase in terms of transactions at Shopee Live, which has increased 3 times more than last year,” said Monica.


Finally, it was also announced that there would be a Relaxing Let’s Chat or Marka Event at Shopee Live from March 23 2023 to April 20 2023 at 17.00 WIB – 18.00 WIB.

The event will contain exciting conversations between MSME actors and various well-known comedians such as Deny Cagur, Kiki Saputri, Adul and Yusril Fahriza. [NM/HBS]

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