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Will the price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 be cheaper than the S22?


The price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 will reportedly be cheaper than the Galaxy S22. However, the lower price does not apply to other models.

The price for the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be cheaper than its predecessor based on the latest rumors. Samsung is now looking for ways to make it happen.

For your information, the Galaxy S23 series will come in three models, namely the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra. All three are likely to be released next year.

The telephone quote from GizchinaTuesday (15/11/2022), a technology company from South Korea is now looking for ways to cut the price of the base model Galaxy S23.


In recent years, there has been an increase in prices for almost all goods. So, how will the company lower the price of the base model Galaxy S23?

The tipster claims that Samsung will remove some features or lower some components. There is one component may be missing.

The Galaxy S23 will reportedly lose a vibrating motor. Instead, Samsung will use a feedback motor haptic lower end for the Galaxy S23 version.

Downgrade Another important thing is the screen. As much as possible, Samsung maintains the quality of the screen. However, the successor will probably have a bigger bezel than the Galaxy S22.

By making these changes, Samsung can sell the device flagship the latest release with a cheaper price tag than the Galaxy S22 series.

There are also rumors that the price cut strategy could spread throughout the S23 lineup. However, the rumors are not as clear as what will be done in the base model.

The company will probably unveil the Galaxy S23 series in February next year, as it did for the previous series, which launched this year.

Leaks show that smartphone the upcoming one might come with four different color options, each Beige, Black, Green, and Light Pink.


Samsung Galaxy S23 is likely to use chip Qualcomm’s next generation, namely Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, and will feature a battery pack with a capacity of 3,900mAh.

Samsung is also likely to retain the 6.1-inch Full HD Plus AMOLED screen in this new model. So, what price will Samsung charge for the Galaxy S23 series later? Let’s wait. [SN/IF]

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