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Former Employee Reveals Apple and Google’s “Cold War”.


A former Apple engineer lays bare the ambitions of his former company, saying that Apple really wants to beat Google in various technological innovation competitions.

Apple and Google have been competing to be the best in the world of technology for years. The competition between the two can be seen from the innovations created.

But if we take it positively, the competition between the two technology giants actually presents many useful things for consumers through the innovations they have produced so far.

But not many people know, the competition that takes place between Apple and Google is actually very serious in Apple’s eyes. The giant from Cupertino was very ambitious to beat Google.


It was two former Apple engineers who exposed this, saying that the company was engaged in a silent war against Google.

One of the former Apple engineers even described Apple’s grudge against Google, according to a report by the Financial Times.

The main reason why Apple really wanted to beat Google was the launch of Apple Maps in 2012. After such a bad start, the Apple Maps service still lags far behind Google Maps today.

And just so you know, Apple Maps was created because Google refused to provide a route method with the precise accuracy available on Android devices.

This step is also Apple’s effort to provide features that are increasingly needed by users, this effort is also a prevention for iPhone fans from switching to competitors on Android.

In addition, Apple also wants to beat Google’s famous search engine. At least to compete with Google Search, Apple made AppleBot since 2015, which is the search engine used by Siri and Spotlight.

AppleBot Search is a separate service from offering Google Search-style searches to users, but Apple is reportedly working on creating a Google Search-like search.

However, this may be hampered because at the end of 2022, the key staff who developed Apple’s search engine left the company and instead joined Google.

The last thing Apple is targeting to beat Google is in the field of advertising. Apple’s advertising business is growing rapidly, this is also influenced by privacy features that make third parties advertise on Apple.


Although, this is not something Google can beat outright, but in the field of advertising both companies can compete on equal terms.

The report from the Financial Times is based solely on the statements of two former Apple engineers, which agrees with previous reports on the rivalry between Apple and Google.

The cold war between Apple and Google will continue, and maybe even heat up. This hot competition does not rule out the possibility of clashes with each other in the future. [FY/HBS]

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