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The latest Samsung folding cellphone will have an S Pen slot


 The latest Samsung Folding Cellphone will reportedly have a slot for the S Pen. The slot is the answer to the shortcomings of the previous Samsung folding cellphone.

The latest Samsung fold will most likely indeed be equipped with an S Pen slot considering that the Galaxy Z Fold4 which was launched in August 2022 did not have it.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 has support for the S Pen, but it doesn’t have a slot like the Galaxy S22 Ultra. NahSamsung wants to change it in smartphone new edition.


Like The telephone quote from GSM Arena, Wednesday (2/11/2022), Samsung had a meeting last month with suppliers. They discussed the slots for stylus.

Samsung confirms that the lack of slots stylus specifically in the Galaxy Z Fold series is a challenge that needs to be overcome immediately to make line up more popular.

Samsung originally planned to include an S Pen slot in the Galaxy Z Fold4. Samsung also wants a flagship camera in smartphone new that can be folded.

However, Samsung’s desire must be dashed. Samsung can’t force this concept because of the limitations of the weight and thickness of the folding screen device.

In fact, Samsung wants to improve those two fronts to make the Fold series more popular in addition to a lighter, thinner, and more durable device.

The company also emphasized the development of software that fits the Fold series’ 4:3 screen ratio and wants to reduce screen folds for the user experience.

In addition to talking about the challenges faced by the Galaxy Fold series, Samsung told suppliers that: smartphone foldable have a CAGR of up to 80 percent by 2025.

The company also expects Apple to enter the foldable device market soon in 2024 though with laptops and tablets first, right? smartphone.


Additionally, Samsung revealed that iPhone users in their 20s and 30s in South Korea are switching devices to smartphone fold Samsung.

According to Samsung, up to 90 percent of users smartphone folding screen is currently expected to replace or buy smartphone fold as the next device. [SN/HBS]

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