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Starting next year, Oppo’s HP will be sold without a charger


Charger Oppo will not be included in device purchases starting next year. However, that policy does not apply to all HP.

Charger Oppo will not be included in the purchase of certain devices. Which devices are not equipped chargerso far no leaks.

During the European launch event for the Oppo Reno8 series, Billy Zhang as Oppo’s Vice President of Overseas Sales and Services made the announcement.


He said that next year the company will remove chargers from retail packages for “some products”. However, he did not mention in detail.

“We have a plan. We will no longer include chargers next year for some products,” said Billy Zhang, recently.

“Indeed, it is not easy for consumers to gain access to SuperVOOC chargers. We have to keep it in a box,” continued Billy Zhang.

“However, for the sake of expanding our business operations, we will ‘issue’ charger from the box. Users can buy them in stores,” he said GSM Arena.

Many of Oppo’s competitors have removed the charger from the box. Then, they usually use USB Power Delivery to make it easier for users.

As such, there is a wide variety of first and third party chargers that users can use. However, it is somewhat different with Apple and Samsung.

Apple and Samsung don’t push charging speed too much so charger 45W or even 20W can be used with several generations of mobile phones.

However, VOOC is proprietary and Oppo often raises power levels requiring new chargers. That is, there is special treatment for Oppo devices.


The telephone quote on Friday (2/9/2022), there is information that Oppo will eliminate chargers in mobile phones entry-level and mid-range. If so, it doesn’t matter. [SN/HBS]

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