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Galaxy S24 Could Be The First Smartphone With Wi-Fi 7 Features


Wi-Fi 7 is the next generation of connectivity which is still in development stage. Reportedly, the Samsung Galaxy S24 will be one of the first devices to have the final version of Wi-Fi 7 connectivity in 2024.

Most of the latest phones on the market today launch with Wi-Fi 6 or later standard version Wi-Fi 6E, as a transition before the debut of Wi-Fi 7.

A recent report from DigiTimes backed by IC inspection labs shows that batch The first phones with Wi-Fi 7 connectivity are expected to debut on the market in the second half of 2024.


As usual, Samsung will be one of the pioneers of the new Wi-Fi standard with the Galaxy S24 which is expected to be one of the first phones on the market to support Wi-Fi 7.

Talking about features, Wi-Fi 7 will be able to use 300MHz channels with 4K technology support quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), and will bring physical enhancement (PHY), as well as intermediate access control (MAC) while still working on the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz frequencies.

This 7th generation Wi-Fi will provide speeds up to 2.4x faster than Wi-Fi 6 with the same number of antennas. Citing information from the Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi 7 is claimed to be able to provide speeds of at least 30Gbps, maybe even up to 40Gbps.

This is a great speed increase as compared to the speed of Wi-Fi 6 it has speeds up to 9.6Gbps, and Wi-Fi 5 maxes out at 3.5Gbps. Thanks to the new latency-busting technology, Wi-Fi 7 will also provide a stable connection.

Before Wi-Fi 7 debuted for smartphone, will first be adopted for routers and laptops. It is likely that when it first launches, this technology will be very expensive, and it may take until 2025 for it to become mainstream technology.

Earlier in January, MediaTek demonstrated Wi-Fi 7, and Intel stated that they would adopt Wi-Fi 7 in laptops in 2024.

Wi-Fi 7 Galaxy S24


Meanwhile, smartphone chip giant Qualcomm is also reportedly working on an option for a Wi-Fi 7 chip, which could soon be adopted on next-generation Snapdragon chips.

Qualcomm itself announced the FastConnect 7800 chip during the MWC 2022 event, which is equipped with features such as the latest Bluetooth, low latency network, and, of course, Wi-Fi 7 technology. [SN/HBS]

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