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Oily Horizon W12 Smartwatch Launches with Health Monitoring


PT. OASE Technology Asia (Olike Indonesia), launched
smartwatch The newest one is called Horizon W12. This latest smart watch, which is priced at Rp. 300 thousand, is equipped with a Health Monitoring feature to monitor health.

According to Olike Indonesia Public Relations Manager, Anthoni Roderick Horizon W12 smartwatch has health features that are no less sophisticated than other smartwatches with
price ranges up to millions of rupiah.

“Olike continues to strive to meet the public’s interest in smart products, which are increasingly needed here. We provide a variety of products at relatively affordable prices, but with good features and appearance,” said Anthoni.

Anthoni hopes that this smart watch can target various market segments, because of its affordable price.

“So all market segments can also follow and feel the development of technology evenly. This feature-rich smart watch is priced at only IDR 300 thousand,” he continued.


Specifications of Oil Horizon W12

Based on an official statement received on Sunday (25/9/2022), the Olike Horizon W12, which comes in two color options, namely black and navy blue, has a 1.69-inch body and square screen OGS HD Full Fit and weighs 35 grams.

For operation, this cheap smartwatch has buttons for Back, Off and On to turn on the clock. The strap itself is made of rubber which can also be removed easily, so it can be replaced according to the user’s wishes.

Then under the body there is a health sensor that has been tested, which will only be active if it is used or in contact with the skin.

Regarding health features, the Oil Horizon W12 is equipped with more detailed Health Monitoring features such as data on skin surface temperature, actual body temperature, blood oxygen levels, heart rate and sleep quality.

This feature can also count the number of steps, calories, to blood pressure and all of them will appear on the main screen. For those who like sports, this Horizon W12 has 23 complete sports modes and also provides sports pedometer data.

This means data on the number of calories, exercise time, heart rate, and distance
mileage tailored to the selected sport mode.

Oily Indonesia also presents its first supporting application, the Oily Active App. Applications that can be downloaded through the Play Store and App Store. This application is able to display a more complete daily health data record on a smartphone.


Similar to Horizon W12
Appearance of Olike Active App

Olike also provides more than 100 unique watch face options to choose from,
or even replace the photo of his own volition. The price of the Horizon W12 is IDR 299,000.

This smartwatch can be obtained through the official Olike market place at Shopee and also at the nearest Olike collaboration partner.

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